Lib Tech’s Total Coverage from the 2014 LBS


So, Portland’s inclement weather aka Snowmaggedon aka Snowpocalypse aka Icelandia prevented us from getting to Mt. Baker for the Legendary Banked Slalom. We were going to just post a bunch of pictures from previous years (cause what’s the difference) but those jerks went and moved the course. Luckily, Lib Tech was on the scene and delivered these reports.

Day 1

Day 2

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    • Buttheniwaslike
      Buttheniwaslike says:

      Kindly sir, go fuck yourself. By that I mean, head back to and enjoy skiing, because you obviously have no understanding of what snowboard is or it’s history.

  1. LBS rules
    LBS rules says:

    I like how one year the Legendary Banked Slalom is THE place to be. TWS, Snowboarder, yo beat, ESPN, and sports illustrated send video people, photo people, publishers – complete coverage. then the next year it’s too icy, too Olympic-y, everyone is still hungover from SIA or whatever and media coverage is minimal. Don’t say it was too snowy to drive in Portland either, it was fine. If the LBS is rad enough for Terje and Wittlake, that says something. On a side note someone with a Yo Beat hat and rocking snowboard goggles (for better vision looking out the window?) was just on my plane from Portland to Chicago, figured it was nick Lipton or a plane hijacker

  2. cascadia411
    cascadia411 says:

    The reason the course was moved was due to the lack of snow that has fallen on the NW this winter so the JERK is Mother Nature. I think the LBS on Olympic years is one of the most important events that show the soul of snowboarding. Nobody wants to watch Max Parrot claim his fake triple cork in SOCHI. The BROLYMPICS went down and the last day it snowed. There were many team USA members there along with all the legends.
    Yobeat you guys are pussies just like Shaun White for not driving up there. There were tons of WEIRD Portlandians up here and while you guys may have got snow in PDX I bet you didn’t even shred the pow since it was too scary to drive apparently.

  3. hoodsavage
    hoodsavage says:

    I don’t think it was the snow that held yobeat and “Portlanders” back, but the freezing rain. the freezing rain fucked shit up for everyone…

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