Shaun White Responds to Critics on his slopestyle “Pull Out”


We’ve just come across this exclusive video of Shaun White speaking to the press about his reasons for dropping out of slope.

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  1. note.
    note. says:

    i read that article on him by snowboarder, he talks about what a competitor he is. show us all shaun, show us all

  2. Gonzo
    Gonzo says:

    Scotty Lago should replace Shaun. Forever. Shaun White shouldn’t be allowed to compete anymore. Usually once you commit to something, you stick with it. Unless you are Shaun White’s dad when pulling out….. If you smell what I am stepping in.

    • Tom Tommison
      Tom Tommison says:

      Shawn White is a genius voice of a generation. Im sure you could never do a fucking 360 you piece of shit. Dont fucking talk shit about the greatest snowboarder ever. Or maybe the greatest serial killer ever will come to your house and play a little game with your intestines. What does he do with your insides?? Hint: He pulls out. Dick.

        • Jason
          Jason says:

          Tommy keep it down I can hear you crying all the way from your mothers room. Shawn is about to be the least of your problems cuz I never pull out. Your going to have a little brother!

      • Jabbo16
        Jabbo16 says:

        Tommy keep it down I can hear you crying all the way from your mothers room. Shawn is about to be the least of your problems cuz I never pull out. Your going to have a little brother!

  3. cascadia411
    cascadia411 says:

    While I hate the guy its apparent the slope course is wack and he got broke off. He is a pipe rider 1st and foremost and its amazing he hasn’t got hurt trying to qualify. That said the U.S. has to have an alternate. I mean Torstein was replaced by Torgeir so the real news is who is going to replace. him? Sage and Stassel will represent the US well. Good riders with sick style not boot grab tindys.

    • mike
      mike says:

      Brandon Davis was the fifth to qualify, but because ultimate Douche decided to pull out last second it didn’t give the USSA enough time to bring anyone in. Slopestyle is always sketchy in some form or fashion, if it’s not the course it’s the weather. You adapt and put down the best run you can on the course layed out in front of you. How many other riders just quit

  4. oh long johnson
    oh long johnson says:

    Ugh. God. I never really liked the guy, but I maybe had a ball hair’s worth of respect for him, for being a good pipe rider or something. Or for looking like a horse and still having girls want him, I don’t know. That respect is gone. Maybe the course is big, it’s the OLYMPICS! Let’s not kid ourselves, Shaun definitely has the ability to ride that park just fine. Scared? Just 50-50 and straight air everything then and take last, maybe that’ll be a little better than giving the country a blank spot that could be filled by someone with balls.

  5. doop
    doop says:

    You think they’ll ever just set up a hand rail and all our “real” (k midwest real) snowboarders could compete?

    • yup
      yup says:

      Could you imagine if they just had a really fun rail jam sort or setup? Half this site would cum there pants.

    • upstatemike.
      upstatemike. says:

      i can see if now on primetime tv…a bunch of kids eating shit time after time on a rail setup trying to do tricks that are the least impressive thing to watch unless you actually snowboard. ratings gold!

  6. The Truth
    The Truth says:

    The truth is since Shaun is such a a great snowboarder, they already knew he would win, and so wanted to give the other competitors a chance. Trust me, he rides better than anyone on this site.

  7. Jp Walker
    Jp Walker says:

    Pulling out because you are scared… that’s what Olympians are made of? Your are not dropping into a Bobsled course where you might actually die. Do fewer Mc Flips or Cork Tindy grabs and play it safe if you don’t wanna get injured homie. Fuk dis guy.

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