ThirtyTwo Spot Check: Bear 2014


Jordan Small, Castro, Zach Rawles and Toni Kerkela doing that snowboarding thing for 32 at Bear.

  • karnkarn

    Loved the Jordan Small show. Perfect boarding.

  • Kittenpuncher

    Missing the OG…. Bradshaw.

  • Shaun White

    Zach Rawles should find a fuckin camber board. jesus christ, his 50s look like a tailpress and a nosepress at the same damn time

  • note.

    i spy inverse-jp walker fingers toni

  • ?

    where is bradshaw?

  • Yawn

    That was very mediocre

  • DADswag

    @Yawn u talmbout this shit went off

  • Al

    haven’t seen an entertaining bear edit from this season till this one