Some Skier Thinks Snowboarding is Doomed

This is what Outside thinks of the Snowboard Industry

This is what Outside thinks of the Snowboard Industry

Outside Magazine, the gear fetishists who turned a spoiled rich kid into a counter-culture icon, have jumped on the sky is falling hype train. While the death of snowboarding is a well beaten horse at this point, at least writer Marc Peruzzi takes the time to make a thought provoking observation-

But industrialized snowboarding hates diversity. Those Olympic snowboarders we used to welcome in our shop? They were once part of a small but vibrant recreational snowboard carving community. Think stiff and long boards with deep sidecuts that you could lay down so deep your tongue was dragging on the corduroy. It gave certain snowboarders something to do when there wasn’t fresh snow or when the idea of beating the piss out yourself in the terrain park didn’t sound all that inviting. And then the major brands stopped making carving boards. The image didn’t fly with the baggy jeans/tight jeans set. Thou shalt emulate the flying tomato and only the flying tomato. Check it out: White cut his hair and wears a suit now, while snowboarding. Time to buy a new wardrobe kids!

Speaking as a snowboarder outside the 15-25 year old demographic, he isn’t wrong. As I’ve gotten older it’s become more and more apparent that if you don’t want to swallow every fad they throw at you, most brands don’t give two shits about you. That said, the URL for the article shows the original working title for this piece was “Snowboarding is Screwed”, so Marc Peruzzi is probably just a hater.

Full Article at Outside Magazine.

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  1. Stew
    Stew says:

    Only a skiier could write such bullshit. I mean I hate that snowboarding has gone all hipster with the skinny jeans and beards but its still just as much of a lifestyle than skiing.

  2. liveaction
    liveaction says:

    this dude sucks

    whats this cloaked racist comment from the article supposed to mean?

    “An example: In the magazine I used to edit about skiing, we frequently included Burton apparel because in the real world it’s much adored by people like, say, the National Brotherhood of Skiers—grown up black people with gobs of cash who both ski and snowboard.”

  3. steve the cat
    steve the cat says:

    Well this is my last year in the 15-25 demographic, might as well get a carving board and a shaun white suit now that im too old to kick my own ass in the terrain park

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