YES. For Life

YES. Snowboards is proud to announce an industry first that’s long overdue.
Beginning with the newly launched 014/015 product line, all YES. snowboards will be backed by a full, lifetime warranty.

No, we haven’t uncovered a secret resin formula that makes our boards indestructible. And no, we haven’t cleverly re-worded the policy to avoid honoring a legitimate return. YES. For Life represents what the brand has been about since before it even started. It’s about trust.

It represents the trust we have in our products, our manufacturing partners and our designs. It shares a commitment we have to the highest-quality standards we strive for year after year. It represents the respect we have for the rider that lays down his or her own hard earned cash on a product we believe in and are honored that they chose.

In the mountains, the lineup, in life, wherever – we all know how good it feels when someone’s got your back.

Well relax. YES. has got your back.

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  1. Shawn Penrod's Foreskin
    Shawn Penrod's Foreskin says:

    Yo a lifetime warranty? What the fucks wrong with yousguys? I can’t be doin no lifetime warranty here. Good thing I sell more 147 Kinks than yousguys sell all year. Hell one order from Zumiez is mor than you sell all year haha. If you think your some real tough guys pushing this lifetime warranty I’ll hop in my cah and drive right over to euroland and kick yous asses.

  2. Avalanche Snowboards
    Avalanche Snowboards says:

    Yep . . . Avalanche also did this a few decades ago. Just say “YES” to doing your homework . . .

  3. Barfoot
    Barfoot says:

    YES, you will be going out of business. This is a cry for help. Change your name to Jones if you want to stay in business.

  4. YESits over
    YESits over says:

    YEs, its over….or soon will be for the boys. I was reading that DCP’s wife was givign him grief over time spent on the brand as he was foregoing a salary to help make the brand work. Its a marketing company, some ideas and graphics–then built by who..Nidecker? Graphics dont sell enough boards to make a company work long term. YES it was fun and YES they were great riders…..but, alas, the dream will end for these guys.

  5. Yes they ride better than china boards.
    Yes they ride better than china boards. says:

    YES isnt going anywhere. Nidecker has a serious interest in these brands that include Jones, YES and SLASH as well as NOW bindings. Last time I checked all those brands were getting good wood awards and GIGI got rider of the year as well as Bretz going to the Olympics. All their boards are great and solid even JONES offers a 3 year now.
    Technine and Ride boards are archaic at best. Nidecker is in Europe not china. Who cares if they can’t pay themselves ridiculous salaries yet. Its a big team so I’m sure DCP is okay with his other sponsors paying him well. Sick team every rider on the roster.

  6. DQ
    DQ says:

    Two and a half years, 8 good wood awards and 7 TGR favorites later checking in, just wanted to remind y’all negative nancies that you were wrong. 🙂

    Spend your energy on riding, not getting salty. It’s better for you.

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