X Games Practice with Danny Davis

Danny Davis, Taku Hiraoka, and Scotty Lago with some practice moves in the X Games Superpipe. This edit from Network A is your best chance at seeing some actual style at the Extreme Games. Danny Davis should win gold tonight solely based on that switch method. Discuss.



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  1. cunt-rag
    cunt-rag says:

    It would be dope to see one of these guys in finals grow some balls, rather than doing that dub and trip biz, throw it back to the most lazy oldschool run the future has ever seen.

  2. ProSnowboardingSucks
    ProSnowboardingSucks says:

    Oh yeah, the switch method will save half pipe snowboarding!! Hahahah hahahah
    Get real, it’s nice to see for sure, but NBC, Red Bull, X games……they want dubs and trips and if these fools wanna get paid….they gonna flip and flip and the sport as a whole has no future but gymnastics!! The future is YIWEI ZHANG and an army of halfpipe shredders just like him who train religiously, all day all year on the glacier, no booze, no buds……jocks. You know it’s true. Time to move on son……….the sport goes back to its roots…powder.


    not only does he have a great switch method but he also has a great knee grab on double corks. dont jump on the danny davis bandwagon and talk about style and pretend you dont see the knee grab

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