Lucas Debari 2013

Lucas Debari is a like a modern day Kale Stephens. He’s really, really good at backcountry jumping, but will probably never really blow up. We think that’s the way he likes it.

  • NH

    what snowboarding is all about. everything else is just noise.

  • ACL

    if you’ve ever blown your knee you’re fucking cringing at 55seconds

  • Luke

    Kale Stephens is the modern day Kale Stephens. The edit that came out a few months ago was pretty damn solid.

  • Asshat

    Stupid fucking lucas debari jesus christ Im sick of this shit.

  • basshole

    ” but will probably never really blow up.”
    right, because being pro for North Face and K2, going on an Antarctic expedition with Xavier, and mountaineering Denali with world famous climbers and skiers is super low-key. On another note, you’re right, he is really, really good.

  • PowStarved

    What is this? Powder? Yobeat…..are you losing it? Your viewers and readers want 100% $hitty park edits from no name punks who can’t turn. Turn this backcountry garbage off.