Buck 90 and UKC Lap Copper

So many crews, so little time. Luckily Buck 90 and Ugly Kidz and Co have joined forces this season for one epic video series. Here they are earning their free passes at Woodward Copper.


    $420 BLAZEIT$

  • oh long johnson

    That was neat



  • why

    why does everyone in colorado use a fucking glide cam and a wide angle lens

  • Justin meyer

    Learn how to fucking film

  • Ha

    A Colorado edit and all you can hate on is the filming? They must’ve done a dang good job.

  • Jrock


  • basshole

    i thought the comments hating on the filming were gonna be the usual nitpicky-type stuff, but i gotta say, i’ve never seen a filmer accidentally get in so many of his own shots.

    some cool tricks in there though.

  • White people

    should never have dreadlocks

  • shitty to think i broke my collar bone on the feature at 1 15 but such a fun place to snowboard