Firing Squad: Mike Helfrich vs Thomas Uecker


Last week, a crew I was with said, “There’s always a pop over rail” while we were driving around looking for spots. It’s funny how some things get hit & shot for a while then totally fall out of favor because they’re just too commonplace.

At first glance I see pop-overs here. Then, you notice the closeout to gap. Again, you see it’s a wall ride. I dig both of these photos because they took pretty common spots and made something special out of them.

So, what’s it going to be? Vote for your favorite photo and start the shit talk in the comments. While you’re doing that, take some photos of your own spots and send them in!


The Firing Squad goes down once a month on Yobeat, courtesy of DAKINE and this month’s winning photographer will receive The Sequence 33L DAKINE camera pack, (so you’ll wanna win.) Since we only choose two photos a month, we ask that you make submissions good (this will also help keep Zimmerman’s blood pressure at a minimum.) You can submit photos at least 980 px wide to [email protected]

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  1. Hmm
    Hmm says:

    This is so hard. The first one is better composed but the rider is super awkward. Second one the rider blends with the colours too much but it’s more clear what he’s doing.

  2. bumb
    bumb says:

    Not sure why… but the second just appeals to my eye more. Dope lighting in the second I just think the rider is a little to small

  3. snapchat expert
    snapchat expert says:

    first photo has bad juxtaposition, my eyes were drawn to the net.. rider looks like a midget at that angle, second photo rider just needs brighter colors, but he looks more relaxed that the first guy

  4. im no photoexpert
    im no photoexpert says:

    First photo is a more appealing photo but the trick the riders doing in the second is sicker in my opinion

  5. Logan
    Logan says:

    Ya, Tom!!! Sick shot.

    First one seems like the contrast is over done and I’m not sure about the angle.
    Second one is lacking contrast, but has great composition and the rider is well lit, plus it’s crispy : )

  6. homie cam
    homie cam says:

    Homie #1 lose the watermark, you coulda gotten a bit closer but your angle is dope, and please White balance something in your photo. I know you have a couple different color temps.

    homie #2 lose the watermark also but its not as annoying as homie #1, your lighting is good, It would have been nice to get a little lower and get him above the tree line and in the top of the frame more. I don’ like the bush but that rails leading lines are nice!

  7. Yup
    Yup says:

    Photo 1 would be just as cool without the rider even being in the picture. Also, it’s not clear what trick the rider is doing.

    In photo 2, the rider is definitely the subject of the photo and you can tell he is locked in to the trick.

  8. Scott
    Scott says:

    I gotta go Thom all the way. Such a rad set up for the shot with the framing in the bushes and Cody’s so locked into that slide. Plus the white balance in the first shot is all over the place with that blue landing

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