Richie Conklin’s Discount Hump Day

nosnowfilm_16Hello Ladies. Look into this eyes…

Richie Conklin AKA Dick Conklin AKA Whiskey Dick is a 5’11 white bachelor from Long Beach. His style on a snowboard is really something else. If I had to describe it in three words or less, I’d go with “hot boys 911”. At the tender age of 20 he already has his hands in a lot of grown-ass projects. Be it shaping concrete, slanging snowboards for Dinosaurs Will Die, or video nerd shit, he’s educating himself on how to rogue-dick-slap the snowboard industry and change it for the better.

Hello Dick
Hello Oliver

How did you start snowboarding?

My dad would take me up to bear when I was super young. I didn’t go that much at first, but then I moved to Michigan for a while. I would go ride at Cannonsburg almost every night after school! It kind of sucked living in Michigan and the riding obviously wasn’t as good as bear, but there was something about it that made me fall in love with snowboarding. Once I moved back to California I pretty much became a weekend warrior at Bear all through high school

Is that how your style got so chyll? All that so-cal GANJ?

Yeah, weed is tite.. weed’s tite. @harrisongordon

richie conklin_melon_STRANDWho doesn’t love melons at night? Photo: Cameron Strand

Speaking of which, how was Hood this year?

Pretty fun.. I slept a lot. I didn’t do a very good job of snowboarding. However, I did get a lot of skateboarding in.

You’ve been digging at Hood for a few years now. Are you planning on heading back out there this summer?

I’m not sure, it’s a really great time but, I think I might take this summer off and do something else. Over this most recent summer I volunteered with a skatepark building company called evergreen skateparks. It was really cool because I got to learn a lot about how skateparks are built and how to work with concrete. I also got to use a bunch of badass tools and shit. I flipped a bobcat this year! So that was pretty cool. Fisher price: my first bobcat. Hopefully they don’t hold that against me because I’d like to spend this upcoming summer working with them.

When is the last time you shit yourself?

In high school! I was trying to fart on my friend Jacob and forced it a little bit too hard. I had shit myself.

Did you play it cool and peace out or did you announce your mistake?

Hahahaha I played it cool. I was like, I’ll see you guys later. Then I Cherokee Faded.

1-2-13 Bear Riche HIP QPSo many Dicks, so little time. Sequence: Lee Stockwell

Cherokee Faded?

Yeah, that’s when you leave without anyone noticing. It’s the best party technique ever. Like, if you get too drunk or you’re just over it you can just Cherokee fade and confuse the hell out of everyone later on. It pairs well with the “casual blackout.”

Okay, you gotta fuck one, kill one, marry one: Crail grab, melon grab, and sad air, GO.

Marry melon, .. dude fuck.. be in a domestic partnership with melon and sad and just fuck crail on the side.

Not exactly the answer I was looking for but oh well, let’s move on.

Yes, let’s.

BEAR Jeremy RICHIE 12-24-13Friendship!

Have you gotten any new tools lately?

Bought a thirty dollar hammer the other day, made right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. I fixed the deck with it. It only took two nails.

You handyman, you! Ladies must love that kind of stuff, right? How are they treating you?

Meh, five outta ten.

If you could transfer your snowboarding skills to any other sport, what would it be?

Surfing.. wait.. is sex a sport? That’d be sick because then I’d get free stuff for making sex.

Why do you live in Big Bear?

Because of the AV nightclub.

Richie Jeremey HANDPLANTSMore friendship!

What was your first snowboarding video?

Think Thank, Thanks Brain.

Fuck yeah! I feel like that was the first for a lot of homies our age. Those guys really changed the game. How do you think the Think Thank guys have influenced your own snowboarding?

They have probably influenced me the most by trying to find a different or weird way to hit something. Bear is the best for that, always lines everywhere and now that I’m trying to spend more time in the streets take that same mentality. Also I like that they also seem to not stress out too much. I think that at the end of the day, we are all just playing in the snow so it’s dumb to get all bummed and stressed.

Speaking of that topic, how did you get involved with Dinosaurs Will Die? Also, what exactly is it that you do for them?

I got a phone call a few years ago and was pretty much asked if I wanted to ride Dino boards, obviously I was like hell yeah. And just got flowed boards for a little and then the rep in SoCal and Sean (Genovese) were like, “do you want to help with rep stuff?” And obviously I was like, hell yeah. So I have spent the past few years just trying to grow the brand down here and get it in a few shops… so go buy one.!

It seems like you’re doing a damn fine job at it! I’ve noticed a lot of dudes at bear are running dino boards now. I’m psyched to see Johnny Miller on board as well. He even had the ender in one of our videos on a dinos. Tell the good folks at home what’s up with your/our new edit project!

The Sunset Liquor and Lotto, and also billards! It’s all the boys in the house (Jeremy Estorga, Jordan small, Brett Wilkenson, Oliver Dixon and Skyler Riley.) Skyler has been killing at behind the lens and him and I both edit. Just trying to make fun edits with all the homies. Cue shameless self promotion below.

Before we GTFO, do you have any major plans for the rest of the season?

Hopefully get my ass outa the park and to a place where it actually snows and film more than a minutes worth of footage.

Shoutouts n shit?

All the boys in the house for being fuckin chyll as fuck and Thank you Active, Ashbury, Bear Mountain, Weather Mtn, Volcom, and DWD

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    Dude sounds cool er whatever, def wouldn’t call him snowboarding’s most eligible bachelor though…….

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    Oh my gosh, he went to my middle school in East Grand Rapids, MI. He asked me to be his girlfriend and I said no…Looks like I made the wrong choice that day haha

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    So good. Cherokee Faded… never heard that one before, but i like it. Also known as the Gypsy Fade, or the Irish Goodbye.

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