Andrew Brewer’s Edit my Part Contest



By now you’ve seen plenty of full parts, and you probably know how it works. So Andrew Brewer has decided to put you in control of what happens with his footage. Your job is to download it and craft it into a beautifully edited, watchable part. For your efforts, we’ve got gear from Tech Nine, Jammypack, Evo and Yobeat! Of course, you’ll have to make iMovie magic if you want to win, but the prizes shake down like this:

1st Place

Technine Board and Bindings
A Jammy Pack
Evo Gift Certificate
Yobeat Swag

2nd Place

Technine pants and jacket
A Jammy Pack
Evo Gift Certificate
Yobeat Swag

3rd Place

Technine Bindings
A Jammy Pack
Evo Gift Certificate
Yobeat Swag

To enter: Download the footage here. Complete your version of Brewer’s part no later than January 27, 2014 and submit the link to the edited part (hosted on Vimeo or Youtube) to [email protected], along with your name and address. Sit back and wait for glory.

That’s it. Happy editing!

  • Chad

    epic cut, sweet shots too but wheres the bangers to match this HD maddness? not hating but we need better than just hte 2-7′ wall drop lol


    • todd

      yeah why don’t you get perpendicular on a rail more than like twice you fuggin pussy nice boardslide fakies

  • joey

    Brewer is a boss!

  • basshole

    even though it’s supposed to be for the people to edit, they went ahead and slow-mo’ed all the shots first anyways. classic technine

    • b

      dumbazz, learn video then get back to us.

      • basshole

        not sure what you’re implying with your comment…that i could simply speed them up to make them regular time again (unnecessary pain in the ass) ? or that slowmo is the bee’s knees (it’s not) ? please, go on…

        • b

          given to us in slo-mo we get the ability to use slo-mo without losing quality. speeding these clips up no problem, no quality lost in final edits.

          • basshole

            fair enough, i guess i just don’t give that much of a shit.

            but the point of the original post stands, if you just slap some music to this it’s exactly how it would have been edited for an FODT movie

  • Roger

    Would have been better off having a contest to determined who filmed it. Enough dolly and unnecessarily wide shots to hit the front page of newschoolers in no time

  • c

    just getting sent to a tabbed window when i click the link, how do i download it




    • breh

      You have no idea what your talking about bud. wait till you see the standings.

  • 5050front360

    Footage put me to sleep. Not to mention quit the slow motion bullshit?

  • b

    the slo-mo shots are for editing purposes, it is called “edit my part contest” by giving these clips to us in slo-mo we have the option to slow things down without losing quality. There will be no lost quality speeding these clips up but if they were given to us in regular speed then the slo-mo would look choppy. Hope that helps ya’ll understand.

  • Yep

    The clips are all at either 50% or 25% speed. FCP has a fuckin button for that so quit complaining.

  • Chris B

    Hey Video Tards:
    You don’t need to utilize the extra frame rates if you don’t want to. Good quality footage, this is a sick concept.

  • johnny bravo

    The first person to not edit this at all and just add a bunch of Technine songs as the track should win.

  • Snakebite

    Brewer judging this contest himself or someone behind a curtain? Dope idea for a contest.

  • dude

    ^^^ great question.. who judges this shit? if its technine you better not change the speed on them shots

  • lurkin

    why would anyone want to win a technine board and bindings

    • GOOSE

      i see you jake

    • dude

      because im broke and dont have a board. you picky piece of shit

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    Wait why the hell did I enter this contest? I don’t want any technine stuff

  • Shaun white

    Andrew Brewer is so gorgeous!!! Hehehe

  • Shaun white

    I’d let brewer Sochi on deez nutz!

  • Shaun white

    I’d let brewer Sochi on deez nitz!

  • James A

    Just threw up my edit of the footage, peep it here:

    • Yung Chop

      Not bad man! Song choice not so much my taste, but overall pretty solid. Don’t mind the Yobeat lurkin scrubs.

  • they should make an entire rejected edits category with these.


    Best idea for an internet contest. Get the people involved. Haters gonna hate, let em… We Been Out Here…

  • cascadia411

    Anybody know what rig this was shot on? Trying to figure out if it 5k RED or just a 5DMKIII?

    • JDM Stance

      MKIII Supra with a 2JZ-GTE sitting on Volk TE-37’s

    • The footage has been compressed out so there is not much use for a LUT, unless you’re just strictly curious

    • some dude

      Cole Shoots on some sony camera.
      Some of the heads there were just shooting on Canon DSLR’s though.

  • Oh Henry!

    Personally I thought by itself it was pretty sick, it’s tight to see just raw footage, I like watching it because it lets the riding speak for itself. Sick contest too!

  • Brenden Lisi

    My edit is almost done. Check my edit here! password: fodt

  • nick

    Im only getting sent to a new tab when trying to download the footage. An earlier comment said the problem was fixed but i can’t seem to download for some reason

  • Nickk

    Just finished mine:
    might do a bit more editing before I send it in! Tell me what you think

  • Seb

    Yo, it won’t let me download it. Whaddup with that?! Haha

  • Steve
  • steve

    Here’s my final

  • Frank Appache

    I definitely nailed it, I also noticed everyone was talking about the slow motion parts so I left a lot of them since ya’ll dig it so much hahaha:

  • Gnar-char-char

  • PowTown
  • BabyTablez
  • Todd Hrim
  • HaterMcBaiter

    None of these clips are in slow mo. Brewer just rides really really really slow.

  • Anyone know when there going to announce the winners for this?

    Here`s my finished edit, Watch in 1080 HD for best quality…

    Any criticism is helpful

    • Soon! We have it narrowed down to the top 10 so far.

    • *

      more slowmo’s than a Travic rice movie


    Why not put up a post with the top 10? Maybe have a people’s choice award for a jammy pack? Ill buy votes…