Things Get Strange at the Rome Offices


Rome has a new social media marketing guy, which means he’s not burnt out on doing stuff yet. In fact, he caught up with the boys from Strange Brew on a recent office visit, to ask them just how strange their trip has been. For example:

Strangest pit stop?

Danny — “Probably stopping in Minneapolis for a Riff raff show. The whole crew got broken up just like that. Nate leaves the show with 3 random chicks and somehow gets dropped off where everyone else is. (KDWB house) Passes out with a bottle of Fireball in his lap. Bakken tries breaking a bunch of bottles over his head, and that didn’t work. He woke up in the morning, kept drinking whiskey and then proceeded to dive head first through his living room window. Then we all met back up, boarded Craig’s backyard setup, and then went to Troll till 3 AM.”

If you just can’t get enough of these miscreants and their adventures, click on over to the Rome site to read more.

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