New Year’s Resolutions of the Pros

Ed: I blew it on posting this one in a timely fashion. Hell, most of these have probably already been broken by now, but whatever.


Friends, your New Year’s resolution should be to shred more. In case you forsake those words here are some of our favorite snowboarders and their wonderful tips for another fantastic trip around the sun. Let’s hope it’s a snowy one.

Zander Blackmon – Probably snowboard and laugh everyday.

Kevin Backstrom – I don’t really have any but lets send it. Snowboard harder than last year, party harder than last year. Stay out of newspaper trouble, or if i do any trouble I’m gonna do it secret agent style.

I need to take better care of my money. I suck at that. That’s pretty much it. Stay healthy, of course!

Have a great New Year’s!

Brendan Gerard – Get blunted and stay trill.

Red Gerard – Spend more time in the backcountry, grow an inch, get that first kiss and last but not least, get my grade 10.

Chas Guldemond – My new year’s resolution is to spend less time away from home. I need a lot of luck in trying to.

Bryan Iguchi – No idea, but I’m sure I’ll find it tonight just before midnight after a bunch of drinks.

Nima Jalali – Wear baggier pants.

Denis Leontyev – I really want to start speaking English better next year, so that people see the real me when I’m traveling and meeting new people.

Erik Leon – My new year resolution is to stay sober. I stopped drinking and smoking pot and another is to steelhead with my boys. Oh and have more fun than the last year. Catch more air, duh!

Tor Lundstrom – Never to take a shit without checking if there is paper left first.

Sammy Luebke –  My new years resolution is to treat my body right, eat healthy and be positive. I only have one life to live!

Dillon Ojo – Go through the year without losing my cellphone.

Louif Paradis -To be healthier and to be smarter.

Todd Richards – To stop having faith that snowboarding will be cool again.

GiGi Ruf – There are still some tricks I wanna learn. Like taking off properly on the toes. Then I should also clean my car next year.

Max Tokunga – Eat more ice cream and skateboard more.

Gray Thompson -I honestly don’t believe in new years resolutions, people should always be striving to better themselves all year long every year.

Benny Urban – Stay healthy and enjoy what I’m doing. Always progressing and giving projects and new passions more time to develop. I know it’s not too spectacular, but it’s the truth.

Russell Winfield – I would like to shred the cherry pow this year.

Curtis Woodman – Spending more time in nature, watch more sunrises and sunsets, bag some more peaks, continue studying the art of being a peaceful warrior and spending more time in the white room on the never ending search for the ever changing white wave.

  • Harsh

    Pro’s? I haven’t heard of half of these people

    • what?!

      well now you have bitch!

  • Old timer

    Wear more energy drink sponsor logos sing on tv commercials and dance with the stars… Who honestly gives a shit?

    • ha

      you! because you commented haha

  • basshole

    how long after New Year’s do you think Erik Leon made it without twistin’ up a spliff?

    • Country Boy

      He was probably high when he said that.

  • d’ya know what?

    Erik took the reverse John Jackson route. Better cut the dreads too mon. Whats with these jock snowboarders that don’t party? Just have a safety meeting and it will all be good, Erik Leon, Dan Brisse, Louie Vito, Mormon Jeremy Jones and Torah Bright can all do some fill in pee test swaparoos for the rest of the Olympic team.

    • yes

      touche! I think it is ironic that someone with dreads would not smoke! Its a tribute to jah and to selassie…wtf erik?!

      • yo

        the erik dosent have dreads mon!

  • col. forbin

    No way Nima goes through with it

  • trill


  • D

    Chas Guldemond – get back on dc

  • oh long johnson

    Todd and Curtis win

  • Undercats

    Max tokanago is a pussy bitch and he fucking sucks at snowboarding. He is a dick bag at boreal and he acts like he is a prodigy but really he is the softest nigga with ice cream permanently on his lips. Soft ass nigga ass bitch suckin on other guys toes n shit fuck that kid. You suck go to salt lake and suck more you soft ass nigga fuck u find me on the hill you know who I am

  • What

    ^ Ghostface is that you?

  • @ Thaddeus ^^^

    First off quit being a little mark ass and not commenting under your name because we all know it’s you. Second, undercats? That makes a lot of sense coming from you…third, your stupid skinny black ass has no room to talk about how good or bad max is at snowboarding. Learn some skills before you open your mouth commenting on the internet (pussy boy). Keep your comments to yourself and stick to the park and actually learn something because while you’re on here hatin away, we are out actually out riding our snowboards. Ha ‘find me on the hill’ go back to the east coast your rich Sierra college mark.

    • what a joke

      sry, thaddeus is too busy following strangebrew around like a stray dog to reply. I think the last thing I heard him say was something like “maybe if i suck their dicks just one more time, they’ll finally accept me”

      • no but seriously what constitutes a pro snowboarder now a days

  • DayTrippers

    Props to erik thats tough as shit

  • bossanova

    props to Dennis. respect.

  • D Smith

    people giving erik shit for trying to quit smoking and drinking just goes to show who read and/or comment on this sight. give the dude some props! hes trying to work on his career! hes not telling you to quit so why would you hint that he should keep partying? great job erik! fuck these fools! keep on the up and up homey!

  • He$h

    Erik Leon, cheers mate. This beer n spliff is for you. Oh and all the face shots at Baker tomorrow. FUCKIN GET IT!