Midget Gangster Boarding!

The Ninja Squad from Bulgaria is really stepping up their game. Yes, they could lose the first minute or so of tube footage, but if you make it past that, there’s a midget gangster and then some footy of Jeffy Gabrick at Trollhaugen. You know you love Trollhaugen.

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  1. ns
    ns says:

    the “m” word is like the “niga” word here in Bulgaria, so you guys better watch out how you use it, couse we chop fingers for that one. Show some respect couse you don’t want to loose any of your body parts for just been too cool.

  2. zeachin MN
    zeachin MN says:

    good thing there was some troll in it other wise the those zeaches would of made this gay as fuck

  3. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
    Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad says:

    what is the board with the Nintendo logo ripoff base graphic? That shit’s tight.

    • Димо from Ninja Squad
      Димо from Ninja Squad says:

      Great guys, you are awesome. I’m sure you have spent many hours writing comments than snowboarding. Is this still fashion in that you called “welcome to America”? From your nicknames it seems that you are pussies. If you hate this video you hate and Trollhaugen and guys in there and they are great guys so please save your comments to yourself. If you have something better show it but until you show something you still remain pussies.

      We make videos that do not liked from people like you.

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