Max Lyons At Mount Snow


Some early season action from Max over at Carinthia Parks. Now there may be a few 180’s on a 5 ft. jump but its still enjoyable.

  • ya mon!

    Lyons kills it. Tons of tricks. It was probably icy as fuck when he filmed all of that. Mad props.

    • no


      • yes


  • squares

    right on

  • :/

    max is good but kinda mean sometimes

  • Hyppopotamus

    Max is the hype master!

  • Vt

    No style, weak edit!

    • max is yung as fuck and already has a tasty sty that can be compared to the likes of derek lever and jake kuzyk so fuck yourself fagit you should know better to hate on one of vt’s own

      • Shaun white

        I agree with vt, max may be good but this edit sucks, arms flapping like a bird, you must be his buddy! You want to see style go ride with Riley Nickerson, just saying!

  • Willy ;)

    East coasters kill it!

  • DayTrippers

    Dont know this kid personally, but hes got hella stee. All that arm movement was absolutely necessary yo, kid was getting tech as shit at some parts.

  • The Truth

    you may think hes “sponsd” by rome but he actually is just pro-form

  • lol

    who the fuck cares if hes “sponsd” or not, he still kills it.

  • hot chick big boobs

    he is sick and like 17, probably way better than anyone talking shit


    That was not icy as fuck. That was pow and he is a kook for riding park on a pow day

    • @KC KYLE

      8 inch pow day the next day dawg

  • jake luczak

    i poked max’s mom on facebook

    • asdf

      wouldn’t doubt it haha

  • ceiling

    half of these comments are probly from max hahahhaha,, or his rich msa buddies

  • karnkarn

    Enjoyable boarding thank you.