Torah Bright Eats Fresh

Maybe you’ve seen Torah Bright’s adorable face popping up in Subway ads across the US. It’s a great promo for Roxy and we’re sure a nice payday for her. Anyway, that ad inspired a little googling and we found this Aussie Subway ad in which we learn about Torah’s favorite sub. Come on, you know you always wondered. Just kidding, all Subway sandwiches taste the same.

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  1. news feed
    news feed says:

    EXTrA ExTRa read all about it, torah bright EATS FRESH SHiT dumb hoe better stop sucking so much COCK FUCkIn SlUT

  2. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
    Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad says:

    my buddy worked at Subway throughout high school and he actually did make a shit sub. He took the bread into the bathroom, gently shit onto it, then walked it back behind the counter and dressed it up with lettuce, tomato. etc. Then he served it to our friend’s little brother who unwrapped it, took one look at it and puked.

    Another time he pissed in the mop drain in the middle of the floor

    eat fresh!

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