McMorris and McMorris: A Review

Note: Mcmorris and McMorris has been on for a minute now, but only in Canada. Because of this imperialism(?), we had to track down a real live Canadian to watch it and review, and you know what they say about Canadians being slow, eh? So thanks to Mike Chmil for sitting through the first episode and delivering this exclusive report.


Mark and Craig McMorris have been given their own TV show so cleverly called “McMorris and McMorris”. Before any reviewing I have to say that any American who has a stereotypical view on Canada should be satisfied knowing this show will fulfill all of your expectations.

First season, first episode could not have started in any more of a Canadian fashion. A snowmobile pulls in the McMorris bros to a jump over a camping trailer in the middle of a frozen lake. Knowing a little bit about the Saskatchewan landscape I can only assume this is how Mark learned to cork multiple times in one jump.


This episode takes place the day before both brothers leave for Aspen X-Games, and what better way to celebrate then having a going away hockey party. But not at your average hockey arena, they get local legend Mitch “The Hammer” Simpson to plow an area in the middle of the frozen lake to have this party. Right off the bat I can’t help but feeling second-hand embarrassment most times this Mitch character speaks.

The party goes smoothly and you really get to experience the full effect of Craig’s extremely thick prairie accent. I’m not entirely sure if its exaggerated but its definitely a good reason to keep watching the show.


The next morning they take their Molson Canadian hangovers to the airport and head to Aspen. Craig gets dropped off at the Red Bull Canada team house and you get an up-close look at just how much money those energy drink companies are willing to fork out for their riders to ball out. Mark heads straight to the X-Games press conferences where they repeatedly mention how the media put Shaun White and Mark head to head. They failed to mention Mark calling out Shaun which can be seen here.


One problem with this show being aired 10 months after it was filmed is that you all know that Shaun washes out on a bunch of highflying boot grab spins and Mark goes on to win X games gold with the first ever triple cork in a slope style run. As well as receiving the highest ever slope style score at Aspen X-Games. An odd mix between “Life of Ryan” and “Duck Dynasty”, you aren’t missing too much if you can’t watch the 8 episode series of these two boarders from Saska Magina.



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