Dinosaurs Will Die – RATS Revolution Edit


Likely you’ve seen the hype DWD has been surrounding their Dino-rats on social media. After watching this video, I’d say it was with good measure! Check the up-and-comers from one of our favorite board companies shred this crazy mixed up world.

  • stimm


  • Shaun White

    Some of the sickest zeaches Ive ever seen keep it up boys!

  • still high tho..

    down for the sickness

  • Murphy

    I’m so proud of you Kenny.

  • YoAmagi

    dwd rules.

  • yooooo

    How you not gunna transfer that first rail tho

  • yooooo

    and keep an eye out for Ian Keay

  • He$h

    Dylan’s head is so big, it kept him from getting that backy

  • Dinosaurs died after this video

    why are there so many, and why do only a small percentage actually have skill

    • geoff

      They are not all team riders, they took submissions from anyone who rides a DWD board.

  • yeayea

    kevin hanson is on fire!

  • really

    You guys are the sickest but you sponsor way to many people. That Richie Conklin kid and a few other people are the only people who had entertaining snowboarding.

    • A rare comment board appearance to clarify.
      Very few of these guys are sponsored… Some are flow, some work at shops, some work at local mountains, some are friends of Dinos on the team, and a lot work regular 9-5’s… and this is just what they do in their spare time. This edit, along with the RATS section in the DWD video is our way of saying thanks and shining some light on anybody that isn’t on the main team and gets out there, films, and does it for the love of it all. The RATS are just that… they’re our core… they’re the soul. They keep it real, and I personally can’t thank them all enough for that! This edit is the least that we can do.

      • Puffer

        Well said, i like what you guys are doing and i appreciate the appearance.

      • tamagachi pet

        Geno – How does one get a job working for DWD????

  • DWDuh

    ^Genovese’s comment….


    the DE VITOS

  • other brands take notes, while we boarding and puff marijuana smoke

    throw us on the boat, DWD team coats? ! team coats?!

  • deededeee

    matt de vito da bawss

  • TWBiz

    With the release of the RATS edit, DWD inc. has soared to the top of our Transworld Core Meter â„¢

  • Lepre

    Often I prefer watching some rats riding over many of them big pros. Matt de Vito, Fredrik Perry, Scott Holland, Richie Conklin, I just wish they had more footage around, those guys have some of the best styles for me. Also why no Jacob Nelson?? One of my favorites too!