Return of the Ashbury Elph Edits


Just in time for Chirstmas, Lance is bringing back the Ashbury Elph Videos because real cameras are heavy and boring sometimes. Shredding Bear with Jake Kuzyk, Mike Hakker, Darrell Mathes, Luke MacMaster, Adam Morales, Sean Black, and Ryan Townley!

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  1. Stephen hawking
    Stephen hawking says:

    must be the worst edit that ever made it to yobeat, i wonder why it hasn’t been torn apart by at least 200 angry yobeaters. Remember that euroedit that fueled all your hate? why the bloody hell do you fuckers dig this shit? not a single clean trick…pretentious pro-hoe butt-licking at its worst. i hate to say, but i’d rather watch shaun doing an alltime classic bootgrab 1440

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