People’s Court: Benny Milam vs Rob Roethler


Our originally schedule People’s Court has been retracted because someone (not naming names) is a whiny little bitch. So we have two fresh videos for ya because that’s how much we care. Watch them both and then make the call.

The People’s Court is a weekly competition, brought to you in the month of December by evo.  This week’s winner will receive a $100 gift card from evo. Want to be a part of the People’s Court? Send your edit to [email protected] You can be sponsored to enter, just not getting paid, son. PLEASE NOTE: The People’s Court will be hibernating starting in January and will enjoy a glorious return this spring, so start stacking those clips.

  • Fuck

    A nigger can snowbaord? What has snowboarding come to. Benny Milam because WHITE POWER!

    • boneyballsack

      outright ignorance is not even funny gtfo

      • c’mon

        Yobeat should delete racist comments. They’re embarrassing.

        • Algore

          Yobeat should delete all offensive comments because offensive comment is offensive.

        • Deeply

          This comment offends me.

    • Hitit

      You are an ignorant moron. You can not even spell snowboard. Did you suffer a serious snowboarding brain injury or are you just stupid?

  • Steve the cat

    Finally a good battle

  • Poon slayer

    Moldy snatch

  • Carter

    Benny was doing a lot more switch tricks and all around better rider. Rob is a pretty damn good reg rider tho.

  • CMoney

    has to go to Benny because that 270 onto the double kink was fire. Real close though

  • doop


  • yooo

    the peoples court that was supposed to be on the guy didnt mean to have the edit be on peoples court, he wanted it to just be featured, haha he was being a baby so he cried and now its not up. i submitted mine to the submissions and not peoples court but i still delt with it because its on yobeat! who cares if its a peoples court or not

    • sham

      LOL sorry brooke didnt mean to hurt your feelings but not everyone wants to be apart of your online contests

  • squares

    they both fucking sucked to watch, at least robs edit was short

    • Yobeatmymeat

      Well, I guess it’s just not your day then.

      • yobeatmymeat

        Stop hijacking my name fukboi

  • yaboy

    benny is a goofy footed rider.

  • Puff the Magic Dragon

    Let the records hold that Benny is goofy.
    Also Rob is black.
    If you’re not racist you’ll vote Rob.

    • Me

      Yeah… but Benny isn’t even old enough to drive a car, if you aren’t ageist, you’ll vote for Benny.

  • Mr Raff

    the fact that robbies tricks were on larger features made him more appealing to me.

    • ropez2richez

      large boxes vs cab 270 onto quad kinks. stfu Benny ftw

      • DoubleKinkRetard

        There was no quad kink

  • notbillybjork

    i voted robbie because i was the one that edited his video.

    • Doublekinkretard

      There was no quad kink

  • Billy Bjork

    Hello George ^^^

    • Puff the Magic Dragon


  • notbelbas

    I like the fact that billy is a terrible snowboarder

  • notgeorge


    • Puff the Magic Dragon


  • notevanseverson


  • notLucasKay

    my hand is in my pants as usual

  • “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” – me.

    Black snow riders! finally!

  • midewestwisher

    wish i was as good as yung millam or even this nigger

    • Not funny

      Shut the fuck up bitch

  • Noturboirob

    Lul thanks all you bums showin support, and for everyone callin me a ni****, I do happen to be black so you can call the that too…

  • NotLukasCaye

    I love black people so im voting for Robbie!

  • Hitler aka dan

    Benny has more switch tricks while the other weirdo hit a lot of boxes, they are both sick but Benny has small nipples and eats ice cream like a butch so he wins, not

  • ZeachSQUAD

    i know both of these fuckers and all i have to say is FUCK THEM BOTH, jk love you menny bilam

  • bennymilamsmother

    i dont apreciate you talking about my son that way! those nipples are MINE! ftn

  • Edward Milam

    Benny Milam will steal your girl.

  • jerald

    you’d think half of these commenters have never met a fucking black person. I voted benny cuz he da homie, but rob killed it too, good battle.

  • Oh Henry!

    Benny’s filmer was hucking it!!!

  • benny: get a filmer.

    • jake with understandard

      there wouldnt of been a competition if you had someone filming that knew wtf they were doing. looks like my gramma did that shit. COME FILM WITH US!

  • Lynch

    The only reason rob is winning is because hes black…. Benny is where its at.

  • Denver

    I voted for Rob because he went bigger and I could see most of his tricks

  • Huh?

    Rob is black?

  • Touchy Feely

    Benny because why not?

  • gabe

    menny bilam doe

  • adolf hitlers ugly cousin

    benny slayed it stop fighting over 2 good edits

  • G Team Is Gay

    Benny all the way, G Team Kids are rich little assholes

    • george zimmerman

      benny was wearing a g team jacket…

    • my brain

      benny is on wilds g team group silly goose mean the both on g team so stop being a silly goose, ya silly goose

    • Gteam coach

      Benny was a gteam kid…. Good try tho!!!!

  • How many times do i have to repeat myself?

    RIff Raff

  • Tttttttt

    Benny seems like he is a spoiled little butch who gets everything he wants from his parents.

    • yed.

      benny million slays the poonanie on the regular so stfuuuu

      you jus jealous because he’s better than you will eeever be and he’s like 14

  • both thes boys fucked my girlfriend KASEY WALTER too!

  • stu

    Menny Bilam for the win troll quad kink tricks were sick plus way more creatinity the other guy just did a bunch of gaps on.

  • super future

    i voted for benny cuz i thought he had better style and more switch tricks. Rob is talented but has looser style and dresses a little kooky. his front 2 sameway 4 was cool but bennys sw back 3 on was sicker

  • Black guy

    Cyber bullying via yobeat… I’ll be right back. Gotta go call my mom:/

  • DeezNuts

    They are both good, I felt like rob was laying down a lot of the same stuff. Benny’s a lot younger and he rips everywhere He rides. Benny

  • PA”s Finest

    robbie takes it with the style

  • ride on for daze

    hyland kids that never go to troll will never know how to hit anything but ride-ons

    • Puff the Magic Dragon

      fag you’ll never learn how to hit a jump

  • bennys pimp

    benny is a prostitute (cheap but clean) hit him up 651 270 7523

  • SKIballs

    I votes for Benny cause his mom is hot

    • my brain

      you she isnt tho

  • Benny had better style, tricks and rails. The other guy just did a buch of gaps on and almost every rail Was a ride on. He was good but not as good as mr menny bilam #trollornuthin

  • They both suck!

    Shaun White’s pipe run at the dew tour is better than this

  • Jarongar

    10/10….would smash. Robbie can hit it any time he wants

  • Henny

    I like when dis dude Robbie go from air-to-fakie to backside 180 doe. dis dude tight also when he do a boned out baseplate and then goes into a egg flip. Real shit though dis dude can even pop an inverted ariel and then go into a nose poke air. Sick stuff homie quan.

  • Henny

    Good shit Robbie

  • Just Giggling




  • Vote for Benny

    Robbie sucks

  • Benny come film w/ my boy hunter in Duluth over break, I’ll give you a ride. You’d kill it with some nice filming/editing!

  • Benny come film w/ my boy hunter in Duluth over break, I’ll give you a ride!

  • joep

    dudes wtf , benny milam is 10.000 times better then robbie !
    why didnt he won ? haha

  • Country Boy

    I like Benny, he’s nice to me. That nigger came to afton with all his faggy g-team friends, took over our park and called me a faggot. He did zeaches and he is a comp jock. his kind is not welcome at afton alps.

    • me

      don’t be racist faggot. and your problem is you ride at afton alps. boxes and ride ons is the only thing there. so shutup keyboard warrior

  • Benny isn’t a fucking hyland prick! And I guarantee if they went one one, Benny would smoke Robbie’s fake black ass