Insult To Injury – John Ward vs Sam Silverness


Not everyone can be good enough at snowboarding to make a season edit worthy of People’s Court glory, but just about anyone can crash like a boss. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Giro to present a contest for the rest of us. Each week, two crashes will go head to head and your votes will determine who scores a Combyn helmet & Blok goggles from Giro for their pain and suffering. Think these guys could have gone harder? Send us your slam to prove it.

Send all submissions to [email protected] (Please host it on vimeo or youtube and just send the link!) Or if you don’t have any good crash footy, just get ready to laugh at others’ misfortune.


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      • Kratosaurus
        Kratosaurus says:

        Yeah dude you probably should take a few days off if you knock yourself out that hard. Its just…you see… there is kind of this thing called brain damage. But hey if this comment was your of showing yobeat you are a hardcore park rat, you better buy a gummy stone..

    • J mar
      J mar says:

      How about you suck a dick ya g damn fuck boy. Sam’s a G. Why don’t you go knock urself out and save your breath you cock sucking shit bag. Like sam said. Dont talk shit, go snowboard

  1. Jeenyus
    Jeenyus says:

    Sam’s crash looks like it hurt more. It was bigger and faster. The other kid (John) looked like a fucked up fall, but I think it was just a weird fuckin’ fall.

  2. Yobeat
    Yobeat says:

    Jon wins. Sam had a typical 270 to fall. Everyone’s caught their back edge on some sort of front board. And if u haven’t, it’s because you’ve never tried a front board.

  3. Yobeat
    Yobeat says:

    You guys are fuckin stupid. This isn’t a “worst fall” contest it’s a “worst 270” contest. Hahaha jobs 270 was worse than Sams

  4. Oh Henry
    Oh Henry says:

    If only i had a filmer to get all the slams i got on a metal culvert on the weekend. didn’t stomp one trick

  5. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    1) you have a ski jump on to a flat rail…what the fuck did you think was going to happen?

    2) don’t front, that was half cab gone wrong, not a 270.

    3) i’m just glad you felt the need to film on the smallest rail ever so that we have this precious gem of a video to watch.

  6. Jason P
    Jason P says:

    Filmer: “Sam’s really good.”
    Me: “Stunned silence, and questioning whether I just watched someone die.”

  7. Sam's balls
    Sam's balls says:

    I like the pause while Sam is in the air where he is deciding whether to keep rotating or stick it. Way to stick it…for a second.

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