Burton Unveils US Snowboard Team Olympic Uniforms

1463110_10152031379990932_1899234202_nApparently Burton got Betsy Ross to help out on the design of the US Snowboard team Olympic uniforms.

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  1. Satan
    Satan says:

    “Here ya go guys. This hobo look will make everyone underestimate your skillzzzzzz. You too Shaun. Also, Shaun, this will really accentuate your hair.” -Jake “Eyemadoosh” Burton.

  2. patrick
    patrick says:

    fuck the commies, Jesus Christ for President, maybe then we’ll get all of these fascists out of our minds… Strong words ain’t nobody faking it in sk8boarding like us ketchup-cumming dick-toed snowboarders

  3. bryan m
    bryan m says:

    Them r some damn ugly uniforms. Looks like someone went through a box of some bums old scummy close and them cut out the pieces with the least alcohol puke stains. Then she slapped an old faded American flag on the sleeve. We should be ashamed.

  4. turds
    turds says:

    come on burton you should know that you hang the flag of the USA vertically with the blue on the left side. Communists

  5. Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam says:

    What you all fall to realize is that this jackets are stored with the down of newly hatched bald eagles, the flag on the sleeves are actually from the civil war (why they are faded) and finally plaid is the pattern of champions. These jackets are truly American!!!! If you don’t like them then you are a commie Nazi! Sign me up for a jacket I will wear it every time I long board! AMERICA

  6. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
    Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad says:

    these look like wonderful fluffy pajamas that would pair well with piping hot locally-sourced organic cider. I have a feeling we’ll see Drake wearing this.

    Canada’s costumes make them look like they just murdered some fools with a hatchet

    Sartorial advantage: Canada

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