A Pre Season Round UP


Ahh the preseason. That time when everyone’s a little rusty, but just too excited not to make videos. Here’s three of them from around the globe.

Blake Axelson and Red Gerard at Breck

Nils Arvidsson, Zebastian Landmark, Jonathan Lindhe and Ludwig Lejkner at Ramundberget, Sweden.

//DISTRICT x StubaiZoo

  • fuck me

    third video was freakin sick!!

  • jc john

    last video is pretty damn good!

  • nirvana hump

    1vid kinda sucked. shouldn’t that kid be in school?
    2vid ok
    3vid that’s rusty? wtf

  • Dicksquad

    These Austrian mountains are trippy. Are they all just one wide open trail?

  • Grishnak666

    Wtf district!

  • thomas whatever

    big shout out to district!!!!!!!

  • ADB

    paul heran already used the song in the last video in happy days… just sayin

  • patrick

    already done been?



  • AbddoesnotreallyincludethesongshouldratherbeABU(AlreadyBeenUsed)

    Oh my god, first time that ever happened @ ABD…pointless.

  • xxxHumpyxxx

    2. Vid is nice, 3rd is cream