Insult To Injury – Ryan Godin vs Nick Neeson


Welcome to week two of Insult To Injury.  Who blew it the worst and deserves a helmet?  You decide.  Looks like both of them could need to learn how to pop correctly.

Not everyone can be good enough at snowboarding to make a season edit worthy of People’s Court glory, but just about anyone can crash like a boss. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Giro to present a contest for the rest of us. Each week, two crashes will go head to head and your votes will determine who scores a Combyn helmet & Blok goggles from Giro for their pain and suffering.

Send all submissions to [email protected] (Please host it on vimeo or youtube and just send the link!) Or if you don’t have any good crash footy, just get ready to laugh at others’ misfortune.


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  1. music on the first one
    music on the first one says:

    almost positive someone is playing kirby and the crystal shards for N64 in the background of the first video

  2. Jason P
    Jason P says:

    Kid A for, not only taking an unbelievable hipper, but also because he didn’t upload a minute and a half long video where he’s sitting on his ass for everything but the first 10 seconds.

  3. umm
    umm says:

    i feel like this is just an incentive for people to videotape themselves doing stupid stuff….. maybe not what we want to promote?

  4. Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
    Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad says:

    What was the first kid supposed to be attempting anyway? mawfukka looked like a fish on a hook

  5. hi
    hi says:

    All of you kids talking shit about nick neeson saying he has no business going near a lip slide and that he sucks cause he rides a 5150 and shit like that. Look up his videos, the kid slays.

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