WINNER: Prize Package From Dragon Alliance


Congrats to Daniel Marth from Renton, Washington.  Enjoy your goggles homey.

Dragon Alliance Snowboard team at Mammoth Ca.   by Scott Sullivan



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  1. fuck
    fuck says:

    Facebook, don’t have it. Fuck all these contests where people submit themselves to be advertising drones for some goggles and a hat.

  2. Bryce Dale
    Bryce Dale says:

    Sorry but uh, U of U freshman are tight af. So are these goggs, if I didn’t already have so many pro friends that can give them to me I would totally try and win them.

  3. my mom's more hesh than you
    my mom's more hesh than you says:

    if you were really hesh you’d make you’re own board out of old furniture and recycled candle wax – fuckin amatuers

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