Shaun White’s Epic GoPro Edit


Anybody catch the GoPro bit on 60 minutes last night? It was a real feel good spotlight, but even when they talked about the athletes, no mention of the tomato. Wonder if they would have to pay him extra for that? Anyway, have fun with this one.

ps. Preemptive apologies for the excess of Shaun White on the site today.

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  1. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    You can love him or hate him, he’s got a special job and spot representing a sport “we” all love. I know from my years reading most of the anti-white comments 99.5% of you couldn’t do one of his halfpipe runs let alone one of his double-corks. Blah, blah, blah, if you could shred as much as he does, make the money he does, travel the way he does, I bet you’d set the bong down, stop the snowporn you are watching and move out of your parents basement. When Shaun White drops in at Sochi I hope you all can grow up, set your foolish hating aside and cheer this fellow shredder on. Go get the gold Shaun, and when you get bored do a silly jib edit like all the others. I’d nose press your Lamborghini just to spite them. Hateful bong trolls in 3,2,1….

  2. Birdrider
    Birdrider says:

    ^^^^ Yeah!!! No one can RIDE PIPE like Shawn can. He rides the Pipe longer and bigger than even the best pipe riders.

  3. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    2 Olympic golds
    17 x-games gold, yeah, he totally sucks.

    It’s interesting to note those who hate Shaun White. You don’t read about his teammates hating on him. You never hear fellow half pipe competitors claim he sucks. If Danny Kass had two Gold medals instead of his two Silver medals would you have hated Danny for signing with Oakley or Nike, oh wait he did sign with them. It’s just such an odd, uneven application of which snowboarders kill it. Would Shaun be more “core” if he blew his talent and opportunity like Bozung did. It may take more than ouzo to get Bozung to admit it, but I’m sure he’d tell you smoking cigarettes out of the ash tray taste like shit and he wishes he dated actual supermodels. I know if I had the choice of riding in Bozungs Audi or Shaun’s private jet, I’d be flyin trolls.

  4. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Watched the PLG vid. Really? So Shaun drank to much, puked and covered the taxis and limo tab. Therefore what? You never drank to much. So how’d you explain to your Mom the puke In the back of her Volvo?

    So Mr. Grass, what varying would be necessary to contend your version of “good morals” in regards to snowboarding? Should Shaun not ride for the biggest privately owned snowboard company? Maybe ride for Jarden Corp. Should Shaun give away his earnings in the name of social justice. Be specific you fuckin troll before you suggest you know shit about morals.

  5. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Was Craig Kelly lessening his morals when he did the Wrigleys gum ad?
    Was Damien Sanders a sell-out when he did the McDonalds ad?
    Is Tom Sims less important in history because he’s in a Mazda ad?
    Is Jake Burton a bad man for donating his pay from the American Express ad to charity?
    Is Capita a snowboard rape machine for buying the Elan factory?

    I do not understand why snowboarders hate on success. Google Marc Morrisett, is he evil for building and owning that gorgeous home with his success. I’d love to retire in that house, 5 story mansion in the woods.

  6. jimbo
    jimbo says:

    …so glad I don’t live in Tahoe anymore – SW was the worst thing to ever happen to that place. I actually cringe to think some of my friends from back at the lake might by buddy-buddy with him now – at least I can take solace in the fact that he doesn’t have any “real” friends who don’t just hang around on his coattails

  7. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    So Shaun Whites pants are too tight? (Quit lookin) So are Joe Sextons pants too tight ass well?
    If in 86′ when I started shredding I knew the debate of the future would be about leathers and tight pants rather than who kills it when they shred, I may have replied “Sounds pretty gay to me”

    I hope after Shaun wins his third gold he signs with Berkshire Hathaway, they own almost everything but Burton. Later Trolls, got yard work to do before I go shred next five days straight.

  8. Doublegrabnotcork
    Doublegrabnotcork says:

    ALL HOPE IS LOST, big companies need to reveal the long lost steez in snowboarding before all hell brakes lose. Last thing i wanna see is another 13 year old doing the same triple cork as the dude before with no style. The first thing id wanna see is a 13 year old beastin a front blunt down a 40 foot triple kink wit arm stai.

  9. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    So does the 13 year old doing the 40 foot, triple kink ride for government subsidies or is he bad cause his parents want him to have a college fund when his body is to old to do said triple kink?

    Please expand, cause even Scotty Whitlake bought a house before he went all ” I don’t like money” but now I ride again for Lib Tech. Which I might add was owned by Quiksilver, a MASSIVE corporation. Guess Travis Rice sucks too, fucking sell out unless you ride a board pressed in a garage huh.

    • Shaun white sucks dick
      Shaun white sucks dick says:

      Don’t even try. If you hate yobeat you hate life. Also, tell your mom she did a nice job editing that shitty footage it’s hard to bull shit.

  10. jimbo
    jimbo says:

    I think all the ball-washers who are so quick to jump to Shaun’s defense and hail him as the king because of how many medals he’s won really need to read the article that Burritosandsnow wrote for Angry Snowboarder – People aren’t just “hating” on him because he’s “the best” – it’s really about disappointment… disappointment that the “golden child” of snowboarding does nothing to give back to his community – disappointment in the fact that the guy who has arguably the most talent in the sport also has arguably the least class in it – disappointment in the fact that the guy who is in the spotlight and represents snowboarding to the rest of the non-snowboarding world has to adapt a Beiber-esque persona in which the world revolves around him and how much of a “rock star” he is.

    People don’t get sick of him just because he’s “the best” – we just get tired of him THINKING he’s the best. Shaun could learn a lot from the rock stars he emulates – take Jimi Hendrix for example: “I don’t really live on compliments. As a matter of fact, they have a way of distracting me. I know a whole lot of musicians, artists out there who hears the compliments and thinks “wow, I must have been really great” and so they get fat and satisfied and they get lost and forget about their actual talent and start living in another world.”

    Here’s the article if anyone else would like to be enlightened to the “why” we’re anti-shaun

  11. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    @cracraftc don’t go by your feelings because you are very wrong. The kinda wrong that’ll get you buried by an avalanche or a burning sensation when you pee.

  12. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    The fullnelson, I used past tense. Put the bong down and re read my posted comment in 22.
    I just read that article again at angrysnowboarder, every single snowboarder mentioned in that article got paid and paid well by snowboarding. So your point is what? You don’t like his clothes at Target, fine…… Don’t buy it. You don’t like his brother Jesses art……fine…don’t look at it.

    Shaun has givin years of practice to snowboarding. He got so good it justified a private training facility to be built. He then manned up and took snowboarding up a notch with double corks in the halfpipe. Could any of you pretend to be able to handle the pressure that day?

    How many pro snowboarders have made it as a pro skateboarder? Been some sick pro skaters who had some career success as a pro snowboarder but not to the degree of Shaun White. (Tom Sims, Bert Lamar, John Cardiel, Noah Salasnek, Aaron Vincent, Cara Beth Burnside).

  13. Gargle nutsworth
    Gargle nutsworth says:

    It incredible you can write these responses defending big red with his ballbag resting comfortably on your nose.

  14. reality101sabitch
    reality101sabitch says:

    First of all, I think the general snowboard community stopped thinking of dk as “core a long time ago.” secondly, Nobody cares that craig did the gum commercial because he was a true shredder who rode for the love of snowboarding. He walked away from milion dollar deals at the height of his career so he could freeride. He created a fucking camp to help kids get better at snowboarding. He became a canadian mountain guide. Sure he probably didnt need the extra money from a gum commercial, but do you think that he wouldnt snowboard even if he was broke. Of course not, because he fucking loved it, whether he made money or not. Shaun White wont even show up to the supernatural because he knows hes not gonna win. Thats the difference between shaun white and craig kelly, and thats why every snowboarder hates shaun white. Then again, shauns counting his money off of bar rafaelis tits right now so jokes on us.

  15. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Jimbo, you are a fool. So in the realm of “giving back to snowboarding” you find a comparable existence between one of the most successful, Gold medal winning Olympians (Shaun White) and former shred film star, turned Meth smoker, turned artist, nice method (Jamie Lynn)? Incredible!!! So we as a snowboard community should praise a man who self admittedly smoked 500,000 worth of methamphetamine but has a nice method, and degrade one of the finest half pipe riders to walk the earth because by some odd definition Shaun hasn’t given “enough” back to snowboarding. Kinda at a loss on this example you’ve brought to the mix.

    Note to Jamie: Hell of a method, pretty art, had your snowboard twice in the nineties, is Jimbo kinda nuts to compare your “giving back” to Shaun’s. Oh yeah, that slow cab 540 in Norway was ill as fuck but really not a double cork in the pipe. Is Volcom or Lib the tiny core brand Jimbo believes them to be? Right I know, board of directors, shit like that. Bye Jimbo, what’s yer mom cookin tonight?

  16. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Shaun wasn’t invited to the Super or Ultra Natural as best as I remember. You got a link to his invite.

  17. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    What is core? Being broke, not winning, crappy half ass sponsors, wearing baggy pants….. Our activity, snowboarding, to some is a lifestyle, to some is a sport, either way why do something and not be successful. Who straps in to try and fall? Who enters a contest not to win? Who rides for a living and wants less?

    I ask again, what is core and why? Is Travis Kennedy core? Is Shawn Farmer core? Is Peter Line more core cause he sold Forum to Burton? Is Chris Grenier more core cause he rides for a ski company? Is Tech Nine more core cause it’s pressed in China and based in Massachusetts? Yeah Massachusetts, you know that shred mecca, Massanutten.

  18. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Is the Ultra Natural Core? It was televised on NBC. It was held at Baldface Lodge, an expensive luxury shred spot, financed partly by Craig Kelly to open. The contest took massive corporate sponsorship to execute. What’s the carbon credit tab on flying in ALL the uber pros from around the world to compete, judge and bro out? Is that core?

  19. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Reality101sabitch really makes no sense. Do me a favor bitch, when yer Mom serves you alphabet soup next,spell out “NBC is core” and ponder what they give back to snowboarding.

    ALL of you “What is core?”

  20. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Craig Kelly walked away from competition. Burton paid him the whole time or do you think he was working at Subway making sandwiches while he was working on his guide certification? Quit being stupid. Craig Kelly drove a 35,000 plus dollar van through South America to surf, chill and shred. Do you think he bought gas with an EBT card? Fuck you people are stupid

    Who here thinks Craig’s daughter lives in poverty?

  21. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    I’ve met both DK and Shaun White, full disclosure. I got DKs autograph. I am so glad both have reaped success from snowboarding. If snowboarders are supposed to “giveback” as Jimbo suggests, then I am glad to see snowboarding as a business reciprocate and take care of two of the hardest ripping half pipe riders to ever drop in. Dying a millionaire is an awesome accomplishment and certainly nothing to hate a person for.

  22. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    I really should write for yobeat but I’m not into nonprofits. Maybe next week we can discuss the absolute necessity petroleum plays in snowboarding and how silly a few token shredders heading to Washington really is. Haaaaa, as if we all walk to the mountain.

  23. liveaction
    liveaction says:

    Sweet melt 101.

    I got lost in your endless rambling, but bottom line is no one who lives in a mountain town, owns a season pass, and gets on the hill multiple days a week has anything in common with SW except for the fact we all slide downhill sideways. It preturbs riders that work to make snowboarding a big part of their lives that the face of snowboarding doesn’t reflect the life they live. I am all for him working his ass off and winning those contests, I want to see a fucking ‘Merican with that gold medal around their neck on an international stage, but the dude is on such an intense program that it’s really a turn off to most “core” riders. Tight pants and leather, not my bag but it’s all about self expression, so I can’t hate on that. In five years after the next winter Olympics, if he chooses to compete again, will he film an all-time backcountry or urban part, odds are no. If SW showed a different side to his snowboarding, one that people who live by their snowboards could respect, then the hate would subside.

  24. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Are Torstein, Devun and Ikka core? They ride for a shoe company, owned by Quiksilver, a massive corporation that’s even on the stock market. And Travis Rice has a pro model boot from DC, does this mean he’s not core either, ahhhhhhh shucks, how’s this gonna work. And now Addidas makes boots, fuckin Keegan and Forrest sold out too. I think we should all wrap our Sorels in duct tape and rock it like before Scott Downey had the first pro model boot. All fuckin sold out. Duct tape is made with petroleum, ahhhh the hypocrisy

  25. liveaction
    liveaction says:

    From a hump day with Corey smith

    “Well like I said earlier, snowboarding isn’t just about tricks and getting gnarly it’s about deconstructing snowboarding to it’s simplest purest form. Not just focusing on freestyle. If that’s all you’re focusing on in snowboarding you’re seriously missing out on what snowboarding really is about. Snowboarding is about living a life dedicated to a passion that you get to share with other like-minded humans and enjoying every moment of it. It’s about driving to the mountain and listening to good tunes, cutting-off your buddy and slashing him with powder, spending time with your best friends, hiking in waist deep powder, and shitting in the woods. Snowboarding is about sleeping in your car and waking up at the asscrack of dawn to ride and working some shitty job so you can scrape your last pennies together to get that season pass. It’s about the entire snowboarding experience, the big picture. There’s nothing better than having the privilege to live that lifestyle.”

    SW in no way exemplifies this style of riding, and I think this is where most of us are at

  26. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Reality 201, my tit is nowhere near the size of yer Moms. Is it awkward when she brushes against yer back pulling out the Pop-Tarts you are burning in her kitchen? Set the timer for less bro

  27. admin
    admin says:

    @Reality 101 we don’t have to give you a column, we just have to say something semi liberal and you entertain us to no end. Love it.

  28. realitycheck
    realitycheck says:

    lyke omg reality101, you got DK’s autograph? that’s lyke so sick. the second someone like YOU starts writing for yobeat is the second i stop reading yobeat altogether. get with the program and find another hobby other than sitting on message boards all day proclaiming your love for possibly the worst dude associated with snowboarding. even fellow pros hate him, and there’s a good reason why. figure out what it actually IS that all of us despise about him, rather than just assuming everyone’s hating on him for winning all of those gold medals and being “successful,” whatever that even means these days, because i assure you, no REAL snowboarder hates him for winning. they hate him because plain and simple…he’s a douche.

  29. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Corey Smith rode for K2, Capita and a couple other companies. He loves his art and fashion. Good for him. We are all blessed to live somewhere were we can waste our time on clothing variations and being hip. What a luxury. Corey was also a camp counselor at a camp for snowboarding in the summer, a rich kid camp. I’m glad after his pro career ended he found happiness in making odd shaped snowboards. To each there own. To bad Shaun doesn’t get that analysis about what he does.

  30. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Admin: I deserve a t shirt and stickers then for the entertainment. With my job it will be seen by hundreds of people everyday. No I’m not a lifty, but I know many of them too.

  31. matty shred
    matty shred says:

    Shaun White doesn’t get respect for alot of reasons related to his off-snow personna, but the main reason I can’t rate him as a “legend” is that he does not truly demonstrate mastery of the sport. For sure he has his runs dialed in, but he always does the same run. He has no spontaneity in his riding. He doesn’t show that he has the biggest bag of tricks, just a few big tricks that he has perfected and can do over and over in contest settings. Reality101, all of the riders you mentioned in your posts were great contest riders in their day because everyone back in the day did the contests. Their contest runs varied a lot, though. People would do two different runs in qualifying and each run in the finals would be different as well. I know this because I judged a lot of contests. We would in fact reward riders who showed variety because it showed they were better riders. Watching Shaun White ride pipe doesn’t stoke me the same way as Terje or Daniel Franck back in the day because he is just doing his routine like a figure skater.

  32. I'm a doctor.
    I'm a doctor. says:

    Reality101 seems upset that nobody likes him. :/ Very similar to the way none of shaunweezys peers really like him. Undoubtably shaun is talented we all get that, but he is a fucking douche.

    I repeat the man is a fucking douche.
    Trust me on this one, I’m a doctor.

  33. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Matty shred, I’ll give you that, I certainly had more fun at the US Open in 92-95, but the pipe was different then and so were the contestants. With these 22 foot pipes the riders are going higher and faster, I can’t remember the last hand plant in a pipe contest for instance. You also had what I would call a more varied contestant pool, Terje and Ingemar would milk that pipe for 10-12 hits it seemed, while Brushie would try and boost it only to crumple in the tranny. Different time, different pipe but I don’t recall people hating, or suggesting one wasn’t core because of success. I don’t recall the OG Ride team being called bitches for making some coin.

  34. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Reality 101 played hooky today. My yard work was burning slash and cardboard in a huge bonfire. I gotta go to work tomorrow. I snowboard as part of my job. Why did I burn stuff ? Cause I cut and made a new jib course in my yard at 10,000 feet and once the “loading dock redirect”is finished I’ll send a pic to yobeat. Yes it’s lighted, and yes a couple pros have ridden my set ups. That’s how we live, when we hate less and don’t fill our existence with envy. Yes Yobeat, I’d let you ride it for a t shirt.

  35. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Yobeat, you folks are in Oregon right? How many people have signed up for that healthcare deal? Oh, that’s right, 0. Wow, semi liberalism at its finest. Hate me for being informed, I don’t mind. 🙂

  36. Reality101
    Reality101 says:

    Oakley and Shaun White Air and Style in Beijing. Jimbo isn’t that giving back to our sport or nahhhh, just big corporations fucking the world?

  37. JimJones
    JimJones says:

    Heres a comparison.
    Shaun White vs Tony Hawk
    Both have had video games, been on tv, done a ton of mainstream stuff for their sports, dominated contests
    But one of them has completely abandoned the core part of their sport

    This is why Shaun White is blowing it

  38. Doshanek
    Doshanek says:

    First off,
    Like seriously? Who are you to be the top-dog expert on all things Shaun White? Like sure, if your secretly Kevin Pierce, Danny Kass, or just, you know, anyone important, then I might take your arguments more seriously.
    But other than that, you’ve been good for a laugh, but your not changing anyone’s mind. If anything, your just antagonizing the “bong trolls” your trying to convince.
    Or maybe your not trying to convince anyone not to hate Shaun. Maybe your doing this because you like the attention. I don’t know.
    As a self-proclaimed Shaun-hater, I can vouch that it’s not that he’s successful. I love that the general public actually knows that snowboarding isn’t something that a only couple of kids do once a year. Shaun has given us that. I love that snowboarders go bigger in the pipe, in some cases, than skiers (Do you brown-nose ski-love as well?). Shaun has given us that. What I (and and I think we) hate about him is ONLY the distance between him an us. There’s two groups of snowboarders, and it’s ok to be either one of them: A “core” snowboarder or a recreational snowboarder. The former snowboards every day, for the love of snowboarding, by whatever means (successful pro or “bong troll”) he or she can. The latter snowboards because it’s something they can do and it’s pretty fun and maybe it makes them cooler than their non-snowboarding office buddies, but it is, by no means, their life’s motivation. Shaun fits somewhere in the middle. He snowboards more or less everyday, (maybe for the love of snowboarding, though I doubt he’s really enjoyed the act of snowboarding since he really locked in to that bandana look, though we’ll never know because of the bandana), but it is by no means his life’s motivation. He skates vert awfully well too, he has multiple business “ventures” and spends a lot of time with his family.
    That’s likely where the hate comes from. I don’t like that he isn’t invested in snowboarding. If snowboarding “passed away” today, would Shaun be torn inside out? I think (just me) he wouldn’t be. He could switch his focus to skating, or maybe to scootering (maybe he secretly wishes that were more of a thing). The problem is nothing comes in or out of the bandana. We don’t know what he’s thinking, or doing. He HAS to know what the “core” snowboarder thinks of him (X Games publicized the crap out of McMorris v White, bringing up Mark’s interview every other hour [I’m impartial to Mark either, so don’t shoot me!]), so why doesn’t he address it? In any way shape or form? E.G. Sit down with Transworld (or Yobeat) or SnowboarderMag or any “core” source and have a serious chat about the issues. I want to like the guy. He seems sort of normal underneath it all (look at that PLG vid, who hasn’t done dumb drunk shit?). But I can’t get past the attitude, that corporate attitude, that recreational attitude. If I had to compare him to anyone, it’d be Michael Jackson (both had serious pressure as children, haven’t known anything but what they do, and are virtuosos of their arts), and the jury (on whether he was great or not) never really came in on MJ either (granted, MJ had A LOT more to deal with, so its a bit more empathize-able).
    On the other hand, I always wonder where he would be if he was more like the “core” snowboarder. Would he better or worse? Would he still ride only pipe, but with more friends, or would he kill it everywhere? Would he still boot-grab?
    Speaking of boot-grabs, where do you stand on them Reality101?
    Also, being a Canadian, I’m not too familiar with Empirical measures, but a yard at 10,000 feet seems a bit ridiculous. You’d be living more or less, literally, on top of a mountain (a major one). Seems far-fetched bro or brah.

  39. bdawg
    bdawg says:

    I didnt even see anyone saying anything about being core before you started ranting about it like everyones out to start an argument. You mention all these big brands and selling out and certain people not being ‘core’ because they ride for certain companies. This goes for skateboarding too, because I am seeing New Balance get a lot of hate recently same with adidas and nike for a while. But, when it comes down to it, why wouldnt I snowboard in things that I like the most? I ride ThirtyTwos, but if nikes or adidas were more comfortable for me, and made my hard earned time on the hill better for me, then why the fuck wouldnt i get a pair? If I liked salomon boards the best, why wouldnt I ride one? Being ‘core’ is waking up and going to sleep with one thing on your mind, snowboarding. Being core is doing whatever it takes to be able to snowboard as much as possible, not only buying from small, rider owned brands that press their boards in a garage. If you like those boards, hell yea. Thats awesome. If you like K2 boards, thats sick. Core shouldnt be decided by just companies like you say it should be. If Travis Rice loves snowboarding, and lives for it, then why wouldnt he pick up some money from it along the way to better support his career? Same goes with all pros past and present. If Adidas gave Keegan and forest the opportunity to be on the same team and each have pro model boots and they gave them the opportunity to travel the world together and work on bigger and better projects, why not? And then theres Shaun… I would say the same exact thing about Shaun White except for the fact that he shows no signs that he absolutely loves snowboarding. He always says in interviews, ‘I didn’t choose snowboarding, snowboarding chose me.’ I think most riders that consider themselves core and most pros can honestly say that they choose snowboarding because its the most fun thing to do on earth. They choose snowboarding and they work hard to do it. Nobody says , ‘snowboarding chose me.’ That is selfish. And yes, he was invited to supernatural initially, Travis knew that he wouldnt show… everyone did. And then he denies an invitation to The Arctic Challenge, an invitation from Terje. To me, that shows that Shaun has little respect for those that paved the way for him to have his wavy red hair on the cover of magazines that have nothing to do with snowboarding and practically no interest in it whatsoever. Bottom line, I could give a fuck what somebody rides in, brands, for you too Reality, if you truly love snowboarding for whatever reason and thats what you live for, thats all id need to go ahead and say yeah, that guys core. I dont know many people who are ‘core’ who could really give a shit about x games medals and whos at the olympics, that stuff doenst mean anything to the people who are going snowboarding to share some good times with their buddies in pursuit of some great, well deserved shredding. So there, Reality, theres my definition of core.
    P.S., I’ve met shaun, hes a nice guy. Just like i don’t agree with things that Obama does, doesnt mean that hes a bad person and I automatically hate him. I dont hate shaun, I disagree with what he is doing to snowboarding. I dont hate many people, probably would hate you, Reality, but i definitely disagree with most of what you had to say. And if your about to go shred for 5 days straight, hell yea, thats rad and im hella jealous.

  40. me
    me says:

    wow… sounds like a women’s locker room in here. weather you like shaun or not, weather you agree with corporate blood sucking piece of shit companies in snowboarding or not, dude puts it down better than anyone on this forum guaranteed. less talk more ride. -love is all you need.

  41. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    this dude has millions and millions of dollars. that shit is crazy. i think he’s like as rich as rick ross.

  42. Zola Jesus
    Zola Jesus says:


    Whatever, the kid’s a goon, no one find the edit itself fucking horrible?

  43. Sarah.
    Sarah. says:

    This made me feel uncomfortable…
    Shaun white looks so awkward out of a pipe that it made me feel awkward. Just stop Shaun.. Stop. Nobody asked for your tamborine jacket, or your hired friends, or your odd choice of song with what was that…A clip of you screaming every ten seconds?

    Go home.

  44. Dubya
    Dubya says:

    As someone who was fully a “core rider” in his younger years (though I realize you all will disqualify me from being that because I’m not one anymore), I think it’s hilarious you guys are debating who is more “core” about a sport that has an entry barrier of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

    This is as #firstworldproblems as it gets.

    I know there are ski-bums scraping by, but you’re basically debating who’s more committed to the sport of the privileged.

  45. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    Shawn should talk to the critics and address this issue if he is ready to or has any desire to. He may never do so but that act would show a lot of love, compassion, and courage to the worldwide snowboard community. There is a disconnect. It would be truly powerful to see Shawn attempt to address this gap. He has no reason to do so since the majority of the hatred towards him comes from other snowboarders. Shawn does not hate all of the other snowboarders in the world. Success always brings criticism from some, but successful people are often good people and can show the masses that goodness if they desire to. The problem is not his success. The problem is the structural violence in society. The problem is materialism and capitalism. But without either we wouldn’t be snowboarding…

  46. Kitty titties
    Kitty titties says:

    Who gives a shit, snowboarding is about 2 seconds from becoming a rollerblade musical with Rojo Del D-Bag cast in the leading role.

  47. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    Reality 101 is definitely the kind of kid who rides a burton clash that he bought at dicks with some 5150 boa boots. Kid prob slays the gnar like no other. Especially at his secret training facility. Hell, the dude probably rides for badger milk. Probably the most hesh sponsor one could have.

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