A Bad Lip Reading of Shaun Blanco


Everyone’s favorite athlete was recently featured on the cover of the Vail Resorts magazine, and of course they made a behind the scenes video of the shoot, including a little interview. Well, Shaun’s answers were sort of boring, so we enlisted the Target dog to translate.

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  1. Dr. Steve Brule
    Dr. Steve Brule says:

    who wants to try outmy new go pro mount that attaches to your balls. I would like to film a pornography with it and call it the “Scro Pro”

  2. The White Album
    The White Album says:

    Dave Seone probably didnt get paid enough to put up with this no 27 year olds ego. Would love to see him go to AK again and do tomahawks and scorpions.

  3. therealrickross
    therealrickross says:

    “they give me dome actually, me and my brother all the time” best line! shit was perfect! keep em coming!

  4. noted historian
    noted historian says:

    Shaun Blanco always reminds me of Tony Alva in Lords of Dogtown when he turns into a huge fucking douche.

  5. 'the diddler'
    'the diddler' says:

    one time i was next to shaun in the lift line at NS and managed to get on the chair at the same time as shaun I sat down before he did and I strategically placed my hand where when shaun sat he would sit on my hand.My plan worked. Shaun sat, felt my hand and looked at me.. I said oops sorry. and he just smiled and looked away probably thinking it was an accident. It was no accident Mr. White hhhmmmm nooo accident.

  6. takeonme
    takeonme says:

    its been great going from tacos to redfish..that’s nice to be like…show me the pussy! I’m rish so..bitches know I stay hard…

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