Shredtown Showdown: Elite Eight

Things are really heating up in the Shredtown Showdown. After what looked like a devastating loss for Salt Lake, the beehive state came from behind to beat out Summit County by some 200 votes. And in another shocker, Marquette topped Plymouth by a mere 7 votes (no, we will not recount) and the Eastern bracket now looks especially Midwestern. Semantics though, there’s two more rounds to go before we crown what will henceforth be known the best shredtown, ever.


Truckee vs Mammoth


Marquette vs Minneapolis


Whistler vs Revelstoke


Salt Lake City vs Jackson Hole

  • Chad MCchads

    I vote For salt lake city cause i can get so fuckin pitted on my loaded longboard. NEW ORANGUTANG WHEELS SLIDE SO SEXI

  • Keith Richards


  • Farewell Flowers

    Middle finger out to all y’all votin out Quebec City.

  • Nerds

    Want your town to win? Use IE, vote, clear cache & cookies, then click Return to Poll and vote again. Also Google ‘Mouse Controller’ and maybe setup a few extra machines using virtualbox to increase your volume of votes without having to sit there. YoBeat doesn’t seem to care about all the thousands of duplicate IPs in the votes, worked for SLC & Scummit County.

  • @Nerds, da fuck is that shit? i demand a recount on this whole bracket hate fest

  • @nerds why would anyone bother to do that?

  • I’m doing that now. Averaging around 6 votes per minute for SLC.

  • Nerds

    Cmon – over 6,000 votes between SLC and CO? No way that happened.

    • I’m happy to discuss this on twitter @yobeat

  • smokepoppers

    whistler blackcomb best mtns by far!!!

  • Bruce

    So at this point we know that Salt Lake is gonna win no matter what, just because this dude is unemployed and has no friends…..

  • salt lake

    good skating, constant premiers, shit ton of handrails, close to resorts, some of the best powder on earth, brighton and park city parks, and most importantly a great vibe! thats why i moved out here!

  • Bro

    Dude wheres Summit COunty?

  • randy sandy

    Marquette the underdog coming for the big win

  • minnesotanice


  • hot chick big boobs

    no carinthia / mount snow for the east????

  • Minneapolis

    I would list some riders that come from here to prove the point its the best, but no one likes a long yobeat post

  • Keith Duck

    Algonquin Illinois

  • Big Sean

    Where Detroit at?

  • Marquettian

    Marquette deserves a win over Minneapolis. Much more snow, longer season, bigger hills. It isn’t about the people that come out of the town, but what the town has to offer. Minneapolis takes the cake on street rails and tow rope parks though.

  • Marty Mcfly

    How the fuck did plymouth not advance? 88 MPH

  • @marquettian

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha youre funny!

  • jnep nation

    Fuck house of 1817. we bout that jnepnation not that pussy shit going over in Minneapolis come to marquette ill show you a good time.GANT HALL RISE AS ONE LETS BUY SOME COKE

  • michiganripper

    Marquette should take the cake dudes. The amount of snow and the length of the season doesn’t even compare it to Minneapolis

  • UpperMichiganRipper

    Marquette should take the cake, the amount of snow and the length of the season doesn’t even compare it to Minneapolis.

  • Beerlington

    What a joke that Marquette beat out Burlington

  • jnep nation

    @beelington fuck yeah marquette beat out burlington who da fuck shops at the coat factory anymore ya scuzzy hoe