A Bonezone Halloween

We were watching all the Halloween skate edits today and thinking, man, too bad most people aren’t snowboarding in costumes right now. So imagine our excitement about  this video fresh from the Bonezone.

Featuring: few juggalos, a banana, a dog, a ninja, a vato, and a guy in a hockey mask. Trick or Treat!

film/edit ted borland, additional filming alex sherman alex andrews


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  1. yobeat:
    yobeat: says:

    I only come on here when my balls are drained and i have nothing better to do. Im glad I found myself in that place. this was tight

  2. Concerned Dad
    Concerned Dad says:

    Can we please keep juggalos out of snowboarding? We know it’s a joke but Jesus Christ “littlest” looked gnarly as fuck.

  3. TWBiz
    TWBiz says:

    Due to to Bone Zone’s popularity the Talisker group is looking into a means to purchase the area and turn it into a profitable, yet still core, hybrid mini resort. Alex Andrews and Ted Borland refused to comment on any of the details. More to come.

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