People’s Court: Max Lyons vs Jamie Bates


East VS west. Who does it better. The kid raised on the frigid slopes of New England or the one basking in the sun and soft snow of So Cal?

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of this week’s battle and all through the month of October will receive a pair of bindings from Flux! Submit your edit now, email the link to [email protected]


  • Sourdough

    Max Lyons pretzel pretzel like he owns Utz!

  • lil’ wayne

    The president like hiz veggiez call him barackilli.

  • baker kid

    Both killed it! Rails are still gay though

  • Denver

    Bates with style for myles.

  • Meowcat

    Typical, the bear kid’s got more money in the production value while the east coaster has better tricks. It’s a draw.

  • fergie

    jamie nice riding better song! thanks skrillex for that awesome dance mix!

  • monster energy

    i thought you cant have sponsors for this?

  • Puff the Magic Dragon

    Max goes -10 mph into features I feel like…

  • BoarderBabe

    Bates is a babe

  • Rome SDS Troll

    Hey! Dafuq Max! We you drop our name but your riding a Capita with Union’s in this vid!

    • Idiot

      Mid season Sponsorships are a myth, right?

  • Dad

    Hell yeah Jamie, go Canada!

  • Smokepoppers

    No contest

  • Noah


  • Ishtanbul

    I Hate Dan Schott

  • @meowcat

    Big Bear is a Thriving community. Cum visit.

  • Jeenyus

    The music alone won it for Bates if you ask me, I fell asleep on the other edit.

  • yoyougotfruit


  • skrew

    We loves Jamie!

  • Smtih420

    Bates is #1, he’s got this.

  • moles

    jamie by far, both songs were wack though

  • sell me those new bindings for cheap!

  • my long comment

    Lets start with the bad.
    Jamie: none
    Max: if youre going to do a one footer, use your damn loose foot, dont just do a busta ass front board to fakie like youre strapped in. also, this isnt skiing, no need for double pretzels. cant forget that early out at copper

    now the good
    Jamie: holy shit bruh your edit is bananas, lets see more soon
    Max: lots of tricks and youre still definitely better than me

  • the only good thing bout that jamie masterbaters edit was the song, max lyons tears the poonani apart, he don’t need to masturbate

  • name required

    i didn’t see much originality in either of those edits, just more mainstream edits you’d expect to see.

  • Slut Mouth

    Jamie Wins, but what the fuck is up with that song.

  • carl malone

    song in the first video is a tad over dramatic – its fucking park riding

    song in the second video is obviously a joke

    sunday in the park kid wins

  • carl malone

    song in the first video is over dramatic – its fucking park riding

    song in the second video is obviously a joke

    sunday in the park kid wins

  • that gaper kid

    really?….. Fergie? good thing your snowboarding is good, Jamie. But you should listen to some more pandora

  • They both suck

  • worst song everrrrr

    I remember when i claimed tricks… and rode for JSLV and used Fergie in my edits #wackkkk

  • going bigger

    Both pussies. Any kid now a days can do the same spinny trick on a rail 2ft off the ground. I want to see some clean tricks off some big booters because I think kids these days lack BALLS!!!!

  • endlessryde09

    tough match. Max had some of the more techy moves but the weaker style/execution made them look less sick. Jamie had pretty stock Brocal moves but did em all buttery smooth. match Jamie.

  • Kyle

    Clearly the voting tells the tale.

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Who has more friends of facebook?


    BATES IS THE TRUTH. but for real, how can i vote for that pat klacza cameo

  • fakeassbuster

    First JSLV kid to ever win a yobeat competition.