People’s Court: Andrew Carroll vs Shawn Bond

Let’s find out what kind of snowboarding Yobeat really likes. Fucking off and riding fast in the park or going for it in the streets.

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of this week’s battle and all through the month of October will receive a pair of bindings from Flux! Submit your edit now, email the link to [email protected]


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  1. not even worth it
    not even worth it says:

    why enter the people’s court if you cant win the raw collab bindings? thats the only thing that makes flux bindings worth it

  2. redeyezcult
    redeyezcult says:

    bondo did many of the similar difficult tricks andrew did, but in the streets doe. freal. and didn’t dance on rails doe

  3. Chewbaca
    Chewbaca says:

    Some herb who does swivels and has 3 tricks up his sleeve or east coast ripper who had more style and tricks. #yallwhacked

  4. Yobeatmymeat
    Yobeatmymeat says:

    If the first guy swiveled, that is a red flag but, the second did the tricks over and over and ramped about every one (not cool). If I had to choose one I would choose the second guy because of the street shots.

  5. SpitTheTruth
    SpitTheTruth says:

    Fuck a song. Way more steeze on Shawns part and mad respect for all the smooth street shots. Lappin a tow rope on features that are groomed and taken care of ain’t shit compared to finding and making your own hits. And Shawn’s editing was way better.

  6. afterbang
    afterbang says:

    the first kid’s after bang is so bad, he looks like he is landing off a sky scraper after everything

  7. Simple
    Simple says:

    So serious.. Just enjoy both dude’s riding and vote your fave.. it’s that simple. it’s for a pair of bindings, this isn’t real street.

    Both dudes rip! Go Andrew!

  8. .
    . says:

    Shawn and his team killed it. I have alot of respect for dudes that go out there and make there own shit. The hard work they put in to make each setup easily justified slowing down each clip. I’d rather each clip be slowed down then watch 10 shots of the same trick throughout the edit. For that, I applaud you.

  9. mwmwmw
    mwmwmw says:

    does bond have a bird filming him? it sounds like a crow or an owl hooting every time he lands a trick

  10. buckertrown.
    buckertrown. says:

    if i read steez or after bang one more time im going to fucking kill myself yobeats gone down the shitter and guaranteed the first 6 comments were all andrew carroll lol

  11. weinerhouse
    weinerhouse says:

    Jerm, a washed up snowboarder who sits on comment boards on the internet, while periodically taking masturbation breaks between his internet h8’er commentz, A sad transition.

  12. How is this even close?
    How is this even close? says:

    Shawn Bond is doing the same tricks as Andrew is except on street and with WAY better style. Not even a question in my mind. Go Bond go

  13. PK Shreder
    PK Shreder says:

    I have ridden with Carroll the last 3 years and he’s got way more steez than some ghetto blaster with fan boy friends who hoot after every trick. VOTE ANDREW

    • #freetwaun
      #freetwaun says:

      That’s called stoke, maybe if you and Andrew made it out of the park you could comment on Shawn and his crew

  14. GOOSE
    GOOSE says:

    suck a fucking dick PK Shreder everyone can shove steez up their ass. this shouldnt be a question. bond.

  15. SteezBiter
    SteezBiter says:

    When did all these skiers start coming on yobeat? I mean, there has to be skiing involved with all this talk of steeze and the severe whiplash that Andrew kid must have from that heavy noggin. Bondo for the LPC

  16. Stacie Gallagher
    Stacie Gallagher says:

    Andrew doesn’t half ASS it that’s for sure!! If your gonna do it, go all in….Well done..

  17. YouJizz
    YouJizz says:

    “Let’s find out what kind of snowboarding Yobeat really likes. Fucking off and riding fast in the park or going for it in the streets.”

  18. YouJizz
    YouJizz says:

    “Let’s find out what kind of snowboarding Yobeat really likes. Fucking off and riding fast in the park or going for it in the streets.”

    nuff said, bondo should take this fool

  19. bondoblaster
    bondoblaster says:

    Just want to throw this out there, half the time, or all the time, Bond is the one hooting at his own tricks. It’s called fucking fun and excitement. get used to it.

  20. Yamothasonion
    Yamothasonion says:

    There should be no question here….Andrew Carroll, Please leave snowboarding and go back to figureskating, rollerblading, soapgrinding and/ or razor scootering. -Yamothasonion

  21. Dicks. All Of You Are Dicks.
    Dicks. All Of You Are Dicks. says:

    Everyone on here is irrelevant. Just because carroll rides in a park and not the streets doesnt mean he sucks. Its not his fault there may not be any spots around him. Both riders rip no question. JUst love snowboarding and move on.

  22. boardjammer
    boardjammer says:

    Sad. Anyone ripping on either one of these sweet ass bros are not a true part of the snowboarding culture or community. Shred on. You both rock!

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