A Quickie with Austin Hironaka

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Sam Roberts sat down Austin Hironaka and got the dirt on his past season, his off season and of course, how much he loves snowboarding. What the interview lacks in groundbreaking info though, it makes up for with some sick shred footage.

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  1. A
    A says:

    Every time I see that guy riding at Alpental I get a little tingle. He’s got that official vibe. Dude is on some shit. I am too old not to cringe at the crew name, but whatever. He’s a heavy hitter.

  2. qualmie kid
    qualmie kid says:

    I will never forget the day Hironaka went face first into the fence trying to skate into the park at Snoqualmie and ended up falling over some skier guy and my buddy.

  3. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    Interesting choice for a crew name as it is generally considered to be an ethnic slur referring to Japanese people. Popularized during WWII by American GIs fighting in the Pacific theater. The power of language, its meaning, and its interpretation.

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