The Adidas 2012/13 Snow LookBook

So our official review of Adidas’s entry-line to the snowboard market: the women’s gear is for skiers, and the one-piece track suit is debatable as well. Sorry, not even Kazu could pull that one off. In our actual inspection of the gear, the boots are a bit stiff in places, and they ones they sent were two different sizes, and samples, so it’s hard to say. An insider told us that the fabrics for all the gear are sick though, and this line is especially well-made, so that’s something. Once a giant box shows up on our doorsteps, I’m sure we’ll warm up to it though.

Official release:

Over the past two years we have been planning, designing and developing a line of snowboarding gear to bring you a collection of technically driven product of the highest quality.

This Winter 2013/14 Collection, comprising of snowboarding boots, outerwear, apparel and goggles, have all been designed with the adidas snowboarding team.  From sketches to fitting sessions and then actual product testing, the team have been truly integrated into every step.   All the new technologies have been thoroughly tested and approved and the graphics, colours and materials have all been hand picked by the snowboarders themselves to ensure diversity within the product offering that represents all their different styles and personalities.

“I want to ride the best product possible so that gives me huge motivation to spend time creating something of quality that will keep me warm, dry and ultimately comfortable when I’m riding in extreme conditions.”

“We could not have asked for a better team to work with! Their input and feedback was taken into consideration every step of the way, all the way down to random details like a candy pocket for Kazu!”
KATIE BECKER, adidas Action Sports Design Director

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  1. NiceLikeRice
    NiceLikeRice says:

    The buck hunter base layers are kinda cool. Definitely need to loose the stripes on the jackets.

  2. jerms sister
    jerms sister says:

    Adidas and Nike have as much business being in the snowboard industry as Jerm does watching me shower, but they do it anyway.

  3. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    i can’t figure out the stripes on everything. why would a snowboarder want to look like a soccer player wearing oversized shit??

  4. The Brandit
    The Brandit says:

    I really can’t see this outerwear doing to well. It looks like almost everything has the three stripes on it. When will these companies figure out that people just want shit that fits right, functions and isn’t plastered with the brands logo. We’re snowboarders not fucking cattle.

    This shit looks like “Run-D.M.C.’s Christmas Vacation”!

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