Digging Deeper with Brandon Sakiewicz


Oh look, it’s another ballsy boarder from the Midwest.

Filmed and edited by Johnny Huege

Additional Filming Jon Stark, Sam Duncan, Brett Spurr and June B

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  1. BLUD
    BLUD says:

    How does Jordan Michilot have all these sponsors ( Academy, Flux, Celsius, Comune, Arnette & CalSurf) and this kid is 10 times better and has a couple? No faith left in humanity..

  2. steve the cat
    steve the cat says:

    Dude ….what??????? there were so many back boards in there it was crazy, I thought I would get unimpressed with them over time but no fully entertained through the whole thing, backboard, backboard, backboard, frontlip, backboard, backboard , 270 front board , switch back board, back board , backboard, front 180 switch back 3, backboard, backboard, backboard, backboard, backboard………….

  3. Countergirls
    Countergirls says:

    This whole I suck at filming so I’m going to shoot sd and make it look like a crap skate edit, needs to die now.

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