Re-Tales: The Helmet Literally No One Ever Asked For

If you look at the reflection in the goggles, you can see he is on the lift alone. Says everything, really.

For this week’s column, I’m dipping back into the mail bag to answer another pressing question. This one comes from an especially fashion and safety conscious reader:

What’s your take on Ruroc helmets and snowboarders? -Matthew K.

Full disclosure, I’ve never actually held, worn, or even seen a RuRoC in real life. I suspect this is because I try to not associate myself with people that are complete mouth breathers. For those of you who don’t have Facebook, RuRoC (that’s how they spell it) is a UK-based manufacturer of the dumbest shit you will ever see. I mean look at this:

If you look at the reflection in the goggles, you can see he is on the lift alone. Says everything, really.

I’m sure more than a few of aren’t immediately seeing why this is a terrible idea, so let me break it down for you. First off, and most significantly, it doesn’t provide extra protection. Full face helmets are fine if you are doing some serious boardercross, are particularly accident prone, or just want some extra safety. But even though this looks like a full face helmet, that bit over your mouth parts is just a clip on bit of plastic. No structural support, no impact absorbing foam, just a bit of plastic to gird your food hole. I guess this wouldn’t be too big of a problem, but for what happens if you actually take one to the face. Let me run an example by you:

You’re you, heading towards a rail, and you fall because you suck (don’t pretend you don’t, we all do). In fact, you fall in such a manner that you’re about to make out with the rail. Now with a normal helmet (or no helmet) there is nothing but maybe a face mask between you and undoing all the pain and agony of wearing braces through middle school. Wearing a RuRoC, you still lose your teeth (because no part of the helmet will prevent that), but you’ll look ridiculous while doing it.

That said, my favorite fuck up here isn’t the fact that it makes wearing a helmet dangerous, or that it clearly turns your whole head into a goggle fogging machine, or even the proprietary nature of the goggle/helmet interface. It’s the price. Now keep in mind that most helmets are really only designed to handle one big hit. After that the foam is damaged, and it won’t protect your head the same way. Not a big deal, just something to consider when you’re buying a brain bucket. Now, your average helmet runs at or around $100. Not cheap, but neither is an MRI, so it is what it is. But a RuRoC isn’t an average helmet, hell it isn’t even an above average helmet, it’s a $300 helmet. $300. And before you point out that price includes goggles, I am hesitant to believe that RoRoC’s goggles are any better than, say, a $55 anon Helix. Which the sane person option cost $155, or about half what you could pay if you wanted to make it easier for everyone in the lifeline to see what a complete loser you are.

Now, my point isn’t “don’t wear a helmet.” Potential facial disfigurement aside, even a RuRoC is probably better than nothing.

Have a gear question you just can’t figure out? Need someone to translate marketing gibberish into something resembling English? E-mail Jim and he’ll answer you in a future article. And probably an e-mail too. He’s cool like that.

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  1. boneyballsack
    boneyballsack says:

    Ive seen a couple of these at mountain creek and the dude was getting ragged on so hard by the whole lift line

  2. randy mathews
    randy mathews says:

    One of the funniest things I have ever seen was waiting in the lift line at snowbird. these two dudes were wearing them. and this guy was asking all these technical questions about them, like are they comfortable, protective, all that jazz. and then the last question he just says, “do you have to be a douche bag to wear one?” In a completely serious tone. Havnt laughed that hard in a long .

  3. The White Django
    The White Django says:

    What’s with all the hate? These look so badass! Agressive styling and I bet they are real comfy. Wow, if I had one on I’d bet I looked like a character off of Halo! Soooooooooo BADASS!

  4. Steve Jobs
    Steve Jobs says:

    I’m pretty sure the way it’s designed is to prevent fog from happening, so your second point is wrong. They still look dumb as shit.

  5. Smart Snowboarder
    Smart Snowboarder says:

    Who ever wrote this article should proof read their shit before they post it. Dumb article also, you should have talked about the kids who wear flat brim hats under skate helmets, lots of them riding snowboards poorly.

  6. Oh Henry
    Oh Henry says:

    Sad thing is i had a customer in the shop i work for dead seriously ask for one while ringing him through the till for a pair of 32 TM-two scott stevens….. Unbelievable man, i threw up in my mouth

  7. Shop Kid
    Shop Kid says:

    I’ve been hating on this since I first saw it on Facebook three or four seasons ago. I also did not know where to begin- the fact that the company comes from a country without real slopes or real snow should be a dead giveaway that it’s the dumbest thing ever conceived by a bunch of butt ugly Brits

    …but what really blows me away is that this shit didn’t just die immediately- these fucktards have 243,000 fans on Facebook. 243k gapers think this is cool…god save the queen.

  8. Goggs
    Goggs says:

    “Have a gear question you just can’t figure out? Need someone to translate marketing gibberish into something resembling English?”

    I don’t see where you’ve made it easier to understand any marketing gibberish? Do you even proof read what you post out? This comment is from Ruroc’s facebook page, doesn’t seem like anyone who uses them has a problem with any of the features of the helmet:

    “Vince Smit After two years of using my helmet almost daily for various stuff. I can honestly say that everything in the description about the helmet is true!
    Still can’t get enough of my Ruroc.

    Thanks guys, for making me look like a badass AND feel safe.
    Unlike · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 12:40”

  9. Kalen
    Kalen says:

    Haha the ignorance of this article amuses me greatly!!! But take it from someone that has actually used this helmet: they are pretty amazing and cutting edge. They can indeed take a hit to the face! They are awesome for tree riding and pow days, and they do not fog unless you are hiking for a long period of time. But yeah you go guys! Keep writing articles about things that you are completely ignorant of, and based on your pre-determined very limited idea of style and nothing other than that 🙂

  10. whoa
    whoa says:


    Are you serious? get the hell off this site, you obviously don’t snowboard and if I ever saw you in one of those darth vader things on the hill I will slash and heckle you until you go home crying to your mom in the shitty ass UK. You’re probably one of the dumbasses who work for this shitty company….

  11. mattyk
    mattyk says:

    are we all missing the most valuable point? These awesome reflective lenses allow you to see that darth vadar is taking a selfie! cool helmet, and no friends. PRODUCT OF THE YEAR

  12. don't make me laugh
    don't make me laugh says:

    what a stupidly biased statement i’ve been snowboarding for over 14 years and i wear a ruroc as far as i am concerned my last major spill which actually ended up with me smashing headfirst into the side of a mountain multiple times as i snowballed down a suicide run on scheffau Austira (heli drop) the helmet withstood the impact just fine and after i contacted ruroc i recieved a replacement for a decent price. in my personal opinion snowboarders are peacocks most of them wear gear to just look good and rarely ever do you see items like ruroc helmets being used for functionality. that being said there are those who cannot afford the luxuries of buying expensive gear as the sport is already extremely expensive…so you get articles like this…after all the helmet is so useless that redbull mclaren and even F1 racers are outfitted in it. maybe you should do better research before posting such b.s maybe buy the helmet first?

  13. Tester
    Tester says:

    This article is a complete lie. The helmets work, the goggles don’t fog ever, because they vent through the top of the helmet. They protect your face, I know, I caught an edge right on the lip of a jump and landed face first on the knuckle, my nose and teeth would have been broken if i wasn’t wearing the Ruroc with the protective face mask. So instead of believing a review from someone who has never even seen a Ruroc in real life, you should get your info from someone who actually owns one.
    Go hate on something else lol.

    • Bucky
      Bucky says:

      Shit helmets for shit riders. No big names would be caught dead in one of these things. I have seen one in person in Whistler, everyone was laughing. These are like a Gaper becon. Only the Brits would come up with something as lame as this.

  14. Bucky
    Bucky says:

    Shit helmets for shit riders. No big names would be caught dead in one of these things. I have seen one in person in Whistler, everyone was laughing. These are like a Gaper becon. Only the Brits would come up with something as lame as this.

  15. cooold nights
    cooold nights says:

    I work 7 days a week thru the winter so I only get out on the hills at night, and lemmee tell ya
    when its -20c and dark out this thing sure keeps the ol’ face warm. It’s like being inside looking out…. And no……never once have the goggles fogged up on me. The looks may not turn everyones crank but practical from a warmth standpoint.
    S’up to whoever owns it to customize it, airbrush, decals, whatever it takes to get rid of those lame factory color combinations…………Yes they can actually made to look pretty cool.

  16. Brit
    Brit says:

    What’s up with all you hillbilly Yankees ? Hating on what is a great piece of British engineering. Go smash your hick teeth out, I don’t care, give yourself a serious brain injury… I doubt anyone would notice!.
    As said before, all the f1 teams are using these helmets, and these teams at the pinnacle of Motorsport worldwide!.
    The fact that not one of you retarded hillbilly fuckwits has tried the helmet speaks for itself.
    The uk may not have many mountains( there are a few resorts ), but we are in close proximity to some of the Europes best skiing, in France, Switzerland, Italy etc, I wouldn’t expect any of you retards to be able to even point out where Europe is on a map, you are so far up your own arses!.
    Don’t hate the product unless you tried it, when is the last time the USA engineered anything worthwhile , apart from global economic meltdown!.
    Us Brits invented, amongst many other things, the internet, and the English language you struggle to write/speak.
    You may not think much of England/ the uk…..
    But the whole world hates america(ns)
    God save the queen

    • bucky
      bucky says:

      “Us Brits invented, amongst many other things, the internet, and the English language you struggle to write/speak.
      You may not think much of England/ the uk…..
      But the whole world hates america(ns)
      God save the queen”

      Whatever you are still all shit riders/ skiers.

      You need to wear these dumb ass things, so we can be aware of where you are on the hill.

      Whistler is in Canada.

      • Not a douche Canadian
        Not a douche Canadian says:

        I know that this is old Bucky, however speak for yourself. These helmets are awesome, and I’m a Canuck that’s been boarding for 20+ years.

        If you don’t like it, fine, however you don’t have to be a douche.

    • Justin Sider
      Justin Sider says:

      Ha, what a tool. What a stupid helmet.

      Travis Rice wears one… not
      Jeremey Jones raves about the Ruroc. Not said ever.
      If this company is so rad where are the rad riders with these on? Blowing the doors off the ski/snowboard industry?

      No reviews on any sites that matter.
      What a joke
      Give it up
      its lame
      its over……

  17. Hunter Garland
    Hunter Garland says:

    Ruroc just posted about how their helmet would have saved Hallador’s face when he wrecked it. I commented with a link of this article and it really pissed a bunch of people off haha. Most of their ridiculous comments have been deleted now but you can get the gist of it. The comments included profanity and slanted opinions just like this comment above mine by the “Brit” haha. Welcome to the internet everyone try to avoid the assholes.

  18. Brit
    Brit says:

    What hunter actually said was that the shatterproof plastic face guard would probably shatter and cut your face even more.. With no evidence to back up this claim..that’s why people get upset.. Come back with some evidence this actually happened hunter, as slanderous comments could get you into trouble.
    Maybe stick to jerking off on the internet, over the latest pin up snowboarder? Until you have grown up a bit….

  19. John Mohr
    John Mohr says:

    What’s with the hate? The author never even tried using one and yet assumes the goggles are crap. That is just silly. You don’t like it, okay, that’s fine. That doesn’t make it the lowest form of helmet ever as the article seems to allude to. The fact of the matter is dude never even used it yet he thinks he can give a quality informed opinion. This takes credibility away from this entire website.

  20. Dan
    Dan says:

    I actually work at Ruroc and just to back up what the Brit is saying, we actually export 70% of our helmets to North America… So seems like you Yankees love our stuff, and we love you for it!

    Not going to bother commenting on the article itself, but if Jim wants to do a properly informed review let me know and I’ll send you a helmet 🙂

  21. Nic
    Nic says:

    These helmets are pretty Sick. Except I’ve been trying to get a response to customer service and it takes weeeeeeeeks to get an issue resolved (still in process I am only assuming they will actually get it resolved) I have a few of these helmets and I love them.

    I’ve been boarding for 17 years, from The French Alps, to Nieseko Japan, to all over north America Its extremely functional, keeps me safe when heli-sking in Whistler or Alaska, or hiking into back country in Utah, Colorado.

    The only issue is English customer service is no where near US customer service. There’s no number to contact anyone and while their website boasts 24 hours response to Email, Twitter and Facebook inquiries… I’ve been waiting 15 days for actual solutions to my initial inquiries. But I will give this they do “reply” within 48 hours, just not with a solution to your problem. My advice is hiring a professional customer service rep.

    Its a new tech, like the NOW bindings (which also get a lot of criticism for their price but they ride skate bindings). Its all about riding, pushing your own boundaries, getting better and being more comfortable. Its not about giving a shit if anyone else likes or approves of your gear. If you like it, use it, if you don’t, why waste your time talking about it. That’s a simpletons mindset. My gear is for me, not anyone else.

    On a side note, no one has ever laughed or made fun or heckled me in any country on any mountain, aside from the obvious and occasional stars wars references . Everyone asks to try it on, where they can get one, and how I enjoy riding it.

    Helmet 1-10 : 9
    Customer Service 1-10: 3

  22. One of those yankees
    One of those yankees says:

    I hope you do realize that all Americans aren’t actually Yankees? And should we bring up the world wars **

  23. Anonymau5
    Anonymau5 says:

    “You’re you, heading towards a rail, and you fall because you suck (don’t pretend you don’t, we all do).”

    Nice try kid, not all of us suck. In fact, I’m sure I don’t suck, I wear a Ruroc, and fuck you.

  24. Khaosreign420
    Khaosreign420 says:

    All I see is a bunch of as holes who care too much about what other people are using or equipment an not enough about their own shitty ass skill and gear.
    Like really, the fact that someone else bought that helm doesn’t affect you in the least except you are one of those people that has to let everyone know what you think. Here’s what I think about people like you. You are a shitty person and a shitty snowboarder, and you are so insecure about you ability that all you can do to make yourself feel better is rag on people for stupid reason like the helmet they wear(who gives a she what someone else wears I didn’t realize it affects your ability to ride for the day). Gear choice is all about preference and knowledge, and no one is a pro from day one. So your making fun of the new blood in the sport because they haven’t learned the ins and outs and do’s and don’ts. Thanks for deterring many new boardrs simply because you want to inflate your ego you asshole. Petty losers bug people about what they are wearing while boarding, meanwhile deady people are busy boarding and not giving two shits about you kids running your mouths. The only negative to the helmet in m eyes is the price and only people who are not die hard commited to the sport would worry about price. YOu mentioned getting good goggles for 50$… THAT right there tells me wht you know ably snowboarding is knowledge based, and your knowledge base must be lacking… Because they are priced based on Features, and if you want the best you pay for it, an I guess you listen to the rest bitch as if it matters somehow…

    • phin0816
      phin0816 says:

      Funny thing is Giro has a helmet that can take multiple impacts for 200 dollars less which contradicts the last sentence. I’m going to assume Ruroc’s helmets are only one impact only helmets because Giros technology is patent. “Only people who are not die hard committed to the sport would worry about the price.” How stupid can you be? People can be committed to the sport and worry about the price. Not everyone has a lot of money to blow off. Lastly, you’re pretty dumb for thinking that their knowledge about snowboarding is simply on a basic level. I usually don’t comment but your comment is so ignorant and dumb that I had to. By the way, $50 goggles can be good.

    • Justin Sider
      Justin Sider says:

      Ya dude,

      You should wear one. You more than likely suck. Might fall on your face.

      OOOOOOh be careful

  25. Jesse
    Jesse says:

    I own 2 RuRoc helmets love them,
    price was never a concern when you get them on sale. And they are made so that if you do fall (not everyone sucks :P) the mask won’t shatter in your face bro. If you don’t own one, not even held one then I don’t see how you can have that much bs to say about them! I have taken hard crashes in them and never had and issue! Oh and RuRoc has a crash replacement option so just saying!

    • ridgerider!
      ridgerider! says:

      i own one of these badass helmets and i got mine for free cuz i am a badass. just wanna throw out that i get lots of free swag and i ride with this helmet out of the four or five ive gotten. p.s. i dont suck

  26. Justin Sider
    Justin Sider says:

    These things will last about as long as the rollerblade craze. Another stupid fad. Only to be worn by the hardest core of gapers.

    • Not a douche Canadian
      Not a douche Canadian says:

      I love that you’re eating shit about this company and their helmets now. Ruroc is fucking awesome, and you aren’t.

  27. gnarlygnarwall
    gnarlygnarwall says:

    For the price of one of these abominations, you can easily score a sweet helmet, face mask, and goggle combo that will perform way better. Plus you won’t look like a fackin guppy gaper. Bonus, before you tell me that you got it on sale, all the gear I listed can just as easily be bought on sale as well.

  28. Kim Kircher
    Kim Kircher says:

    I could see how one could come in handy while being used for prevention from morning-glory incidents or even a tea-bag party per-say. Now you can totally get gaped & not even care!

  29. justins bong
    justins bong says:

    snowboarding is great because you can express yourself however you want. Unless Yobeat doesn’t like the way you express yourself

  30. socoreidontride
    socoreidontride says:

    Awesome gear if you aren’t into have friends or conversation. Perfect for the snowboard introvert.
    Their new snowboards use a base that was used back in the early 2ks that doesn’t need wax because the matieral exudes oil.

    They slap the word nano all over their shit to sound fancy.

    F****** tourists.

    • Ruroc
      Ruroc says:

      Not sure where you got that info Dude but there was no oil in the bases at all :). It was completely eco-friendly, you could even drink the stuff ?

  31. Jacques
    Jacques says:

    I’ve been thinking about wearing a full face Bell motorcycle helmet. Yes, I have one already. Only thing is it’s probably going to feel way too heavy. I’m already a gaper so it would just add to the gaperness level! Maybe I will try it one day just for fun! My Giro has multiple war scars! If i did not wear it I would have been screwed. Last season a chunck of ice fell off a lift tower on top of my head and over my face. It almost knocked me out. Broke my make shift visor and huge dent in helmet. We figured I’d be in the hospital for sure if I did not have the helmet on. Goggles took a hit too. Got to protect those eyes! Most of the time I also wear a Dainese body armor jacket with back protection as well. It goes under my suits. That bitch has saved my ass several times now. Helmets will not prevent a concussion, but may prevent from cracking your skull. Crack your skull and you are pretty much screwed. I feel any safety measures in a dangerous game is the smart thing to do. I see them hauled off the hill all the time. When I see the Air-Life choppers coming, as i do several time a season, you know it’s bad. Sure, one could still be killed or die, but why not do what you can to save yourself and your face etc.

    • Jim O'Leary
      Jim O'Leary says:

      1. If your helmet has “war scars” it is not protecting your head properly. After one good impact the foam is damaged and you are not getting the same safety anymore.
      2. Motorcycle helmets are designed for a different kind of impact than snow helmets. It would PROBABLY be okay, but just because a helmet works for a 40mph motorcycle crash in the summer doesn’t mean it will protect you as well in a 20mph board crash in the winter.

  32. RuRoC Rulz
    RuRoC Rulz says:

    I love my RuRoC because no matter how much I punch myself in the side of the head I can still entirely hide my identity of being a mouth breathing storm trooper look a like. Great for dual snowboards as well.
    p.s. no hate to storm troopers or George Lucas.

  33. Shaun White
    Shaun White says:

    Dear Yobeat,



    Shaun White.

  34. JBG
    JBG says:

    Next time I need an opinion from someone that has never tried the product, I’ll ask you what you think of girls.

  35. marc
    marc says:

    The Ruroc helmets seem interesting to me mostly for keeping warm on the most frigid of days. I don’t play in the parks much but I thought the Ruroc could be helpful when skiing trees. But since there’s not much wrong with my current helmet, I decided to try a Scott 83X Safari google/facemask thing. They’re made for snowmobiling and cost about $50. I gotta say it’s downright cosy. It’s a flexible plastic, so it wouldn’t shatter but it would still help to spread out some impact force and maybe save a tooth or two. For what I care to do while on a snowboard, it’s perfect and on cold days, I love it! People use to think wearing a helmet was uncool for snowboarding and probably dished out similar useless BS as this article. Over time, people got a clue and realized that heads need some protection. Faces probably do too. As far as passing judgement on people for what they wear on the hill, snowboarding isn’t a team sport. It’s about individuality. You shouldn’t expect everyone to mimic your friends as you do.

  36. JBG
    JBG says:

    I was pretty defensive about this helmet until mine arrived in the mail. My review is as follows:
    Overall look is pretty cool, though it is apparent you either like the stormtrooper look or not. Without a local retailer selling Ruroc products, the look was enough for me to buy on-line. Look: 9/10
    Out of the box, I was expecting a high quality product based on the price ($360 CAD). Since the RGX-1 was sold out, I had to buy the RG-1 and the additional visor accessory. Assembly was simple, though I was expecting the snap-in face shield to fit a bit better to the helmet – there were gaps in the fit tolerance between the pieces. Also the goggles did not fit snugly to the helmet unless the lower face shield was in place. Otherwise, there was a gap between the top of the goggles and the bottom of the front of the helmet. I was also expecting a better goggle/lense. Not bad, but again, given the price was expecting better. Quality: 7/10
    Fir/Comfort: OK, here we go…I put on the helmet and was massively disappointed by the quality of the liner. For $360 CAD, I had basically just bought a bicycle helmet. It has a polystyrene hard shell protective shell with very thin foam pads, just like you would expect to find in a $35 bicycle helmet. Not only that, but the sticky velcro pad could be felt on my head through the thin foam padding. Comparing the foam pads to liners found in ski helmets that range from $130 to $190 CAD, the Ruroc is nowhere close. Other brands have full padded liners that are made of a moisture wicking material for full and dry comfort. Others, like my son’s, have built-in earphones with an iPod plug-in. No such liner or music feature in the Ruroc. Lastly, my head is a 7-1/2 hat size, which is generally a large for hockey helmets, and fashion hats (kangol). The Ruroc M/L (the largest size they offer) is too small. I could cram my head in, but would end up with a headache in less than 20 mins. No way I could snowboard for an entire day with this on. I also realized that in the cold, the face shield would end up being coated in ice from exhales breath. Fit/Comfort is a failing 3/10.

    Combine all this, and I would give the Ruroc RGX-1 (and RG-1) a 5/10. This is miserably low for a helmet and goggle that cost me a total of $360, plus another $15 for taxes (in Canada), and another $82 for import broker fees. These are significant additional costs that are not disclosed by Ruroc when you order, or even after you have made the purchase and receive your receipt. You get an email from a previously unknown import broker letting you know you owe them $97 for taxes and import broker fees (described above). Customer Service 2/10.

    The end result is this helmet is worth it for me to pay to ship it all the way back to England for a refund rather than keep it and give it to my son (13 yrs old). He likes his snowboard helmet better since it has a better liner and can play his music.

    Say what you want about the look, that is a personal choice. But if you see someone wearing this helmet skiing / snowboarding, you will know they have sacrificed all comfort, fit, and performance for the unique look alone.

  37. errmaagawd
    errmaagawd says:

    Wholly, balls… I don’t even know where to start. First off, to twat who wrote this… I hope for the love of god no offspring has came from your loins. . How, in the FUCK, can you write a review on something which you have never held in your own hands or wrapped around that idiotic head of yours. I honestly feel dumber after reading this article. I truly truly do. It makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever. That being said, I am an intermediate boarder, I go as often as I can but am no pro. I’ve boarded in Utah, Cali , Oregon and hopefully co soon. All dif types of snow and terrain. And I will tell you one thing, I wish I had Ruroc for the anti fog/ face warmth alone.. Nothing worse than a saugy bandana or one of those face masks wrapping around your runny nose.. its foul. Im getting older, and I realize im not invincible anymore. Ima get one for those reasons alone.

    P.S.- I think they look pretty dope.


      • Ruroc
        Ruroc says:

        Big mags want big money 😉 – Ruroc is a family owned business, and getting Guys by like Yobeat to write anything about us is difficult when they review without testing haha ?

    • Dario Peracchi
      Dario Peracchi says:

      Thank you and I am a owner of a ruroc and I love them. It’s been an absolutely wonderful helmet and is worth the money

    • Tripps
      Tripps says:

      Anyone who refers to themselves as a boarder or calls snowboarding ‘boarding’ has just outted themselves as a gaper and kook.

      You’re not one of us, you’re not in our tribe and you’re not a rider- you don’t ride.

      Sadly what you are is a person who casually snowboards with no style and who never truly exploits the performance of your board or its sidecut. Bummer is we need these clowns to keep shops open and lifts spinning.

      Let them look like goons, the joke is on them.

  38. Whistlerskier
    Whistlerskier says:

    I just heard that these helmets are banned at whistler, revelstoke, and lake Louise. Some kid split his face open with the flimsy plastic face mask last season.
    Plus they look super gay

  39. Just a thought
    Just a thought says:

    It seems like you are making a lot of assumptions (ie goggle quality, structural integrity, ventilation) without ever actually even holding the helmet. I’ve done a fair amount of research and so far everyone I’ve found who’s actually used the helmet say that it works great and that the goggles are amazing. Also keep your opinion about looks to yourself, if you don’t like how they look don’t wear them, but a fair amount of people think that they look great, and so what if they do? No reason to give anyone shit over it.

    • Just a thought
      Just a thought says:

      Update: some people find that the comfort is less than acceptable but that is usually due to wearing the wrong size

  40. Dario Peracchi
    Dario Peracchi says:

    I actually own a ruroc and I absolutely love it. It has definitely saved my ass multiple times when I’ve taken a hard fall. Also I have never gotten a mean comment from anyone while wearing it. It’s the best helmet I’ve ever owned. It’s well made provides great protection of my head. Ruroc gets a good review out of me I’d suggest them to anyone looking for a great helmet.

  41. Jason
    Jason says:

    I have one and I like wearing it except for the fact that my beard sticks to the inside once it gets a little wet, its comfortable otherwise and if I am called a Gaper when wearing it then so be it. Thank God I don’t care what other people think when I am on the Mountain and with more than 100 days on the slopes no need to worry about the haters 🙂

  42. Ben Mckee
    Ben Mckee says:

    I’m not the one who comments about this much. And yeah, this is a second draft.

    I have a few points. Do I think helmets look cool? No. Do I wear one? Only if on forced to, and then, it’s a Bauer hockey helmet.

    That being said. I’m adult enough (30) to know my face really doesn’t Fucking matter. A GOOD chunk of concussions and head injuries are caused by your jaw smashing together sending shocks to your brain.

    The weak jaw structure on this helmet does nothing to negate the impact of whiplash cause by your teeth crushing together. You’re better off wearing a mouth guard.

    • Ruroc
      Ruroc says:

      There’s some quasi-knowledge in your comment but sadly it’s not accurate. Traumatic brain injury is caused frequently by basilar skull fractures, which is more likely to happen without a solid mask to absorb impact. Impact testing has been performed and you can check it out here:

  43. Chad Lidstone
    Chad Lidstone says:

    Purchased one of these helmets and it is way overpriced and poor quality. The customer service is THE WORST, but not surprising because of their VERY unprofessional owner Dan Rees.

    • Ruroc inventor
      Ruroc inventor says:

      Hey Chad , do you guys take shits in your helmet like we do? So it smells like it looks?

  44. yo mama
    yo mama says:

    thats the dumbest article i have ever read in my entire life….and i mean entire life and the dumbest article ever.

    the helmet is awesome. protects from wind, looks cool, DOESN’T FOG UP, and is very comfortable.

    if u hit ur face on a rail you will get protection and the plastic will not break unlike the claims that the asshole writing the article is claiming.

    he never held this helmet or wore one or even seen one in real life. so wtf is he talking about. dumbass.

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