The 2013 Yobeat Reader’s Poll Results


Well, enough of you either enjoy press buttons online enough, or really wanted a five-panel that you answered our survey and now we present the results from our highly scientific readers poll. Sit back and get ready to learn about yourself and your peers here at Yobeat. The results may surprise you (but probably not.) And that five panel is going to Jeremy Nash of Tacoma, WA. Thanks to everyone for the info!

Age & Gender


Turns out you’re not all that young, mostly just immature. A mere 3 people under the age of 15 were able to figure out how to answer the survey, which means, we have no reason not to fucking swear and post boob pics. Sorry mom. Oh ya, Yobeat is a sausage fest.



Seeing as we’re based in the US, it should come as no surprise that more than 70% of you chose between East, West and Midwest. So how are you guys doing without a government?



At one point we had a hipster/hesher choice in here, but a glitch in the matrix deleted it. However, we’ll just assume you guys chose the funny/ironic answer of “my sick methods” and also take half of you who called yourself “normal” and put it into that category so we can continue to be jaded.

How often do you visit?


Are you on this site a lot, so much that you’re starting to feel like maybe you have a problem? Good news, lots of people are! And for the 14 first timers who took the survey to try and win a free hat, thanks, we hope you’ll come back soon.

What do you check first?


Again, the matrix fucked up, so we’ll assume the 500 of you that skipped this question meant to answer “the exciting new features” but it wasn’t a choice.

I wish Yobeat posted more about…


Well, one thing is for sure. No one cares about contests. The rest of the choices enjoyed a pretty even spread, which means, we’ll just keep posting about whatever the hell we feel like.

How often do you buy a new snowboard?


An even spread between the guys who are trying to milk another season out of their 1999 Forum Destroyer and the dudes who won’t even ride this year’s board this year. It’s nice to see that a solid half of the Yobeat population is supporting the snowboard industry as best as they can.

Where did you get your snowboard?


In the most overwhelming majority since we asked about penis vs vagina, it seems you guys support your local shop. Purists, shop owners and everyone fighting the good fight thank you for your patronage.

I think Skiing is…


Lame. We get it. No ski content. Phew.

How often do you snowboard?


Sometimes we like to pretend this site might be interesting to someone who never straps in, and then we get these result and realize, why the fuck would it be? An overwhelming majority of you claim local status which means either you’re full of shit or we collectively have a lot of days under our belts.

How often do you read snowboard mags?


Maybe print isn’t dead after all. it seems many of you still read magazines every month, and not just on the john either.

I buy snowboard movies…


An even split here between cheap asses, lazy asses and purists. Guess we can’t stop putting movies on DVDs quite yet, which is good news for the movie makers, right?

This year I’m most excited about


We can only interpret these results as you guys are all so good at snowboarding no one is looking forward to learning or improving, because they’re already awesome. Congrats guys, you rule.

If if you’re just clamoring for more facts and figures, check the SIA state of the Snowboard industry video, also based on real numbers.

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  1. JoeyD
    JoeyD says:

    All I gathered from this is that Yobeat is a sausage fest, ain’t no fun if the homies can’t get none

  2. Stephen Harper
    Stephen Harper says:

    Why the fuck is the Canadian eastern provinces(Newfoundland & Labrador, & Nova Scotia) not purpled out with the rest? Fucking Americans

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