Hump Day goes to Colorado with Corbin Clement


Words by Cody Booth

When I first met Corbin at the University of Colorado I always got him confused with Ian Boll, as both were tall and had girlish long hair. Soon after though I realized Corbin was a very unique individual and in a league of his own. At first I poked fun for him seeming nerdy and square, but he’d fire back witty and sharp. It seemed he had his priorities strait and always rationalized everything. There have even been times I’ve invited him to come party and instead he’ll stay at home reading and doing push-ups. I believe his brain thinks of things a little different than the rest of ours, even breaking down snowboarding to its most simplistic forms with weird neurological sensory crap that none of us understand. If you’ve ever met him you’ve seen some of his idiosyncrasies. However, Corbin was raised well with proper manors, grammar and can even cook. He is a babe magnet but can never seal the deal. But, I don’t think he’s too worried at the moment and someday will probably be making more money than all of us…


Umm… 25/M/English?

L = Location not language… Anyways, God, Science or that lame YOLO phrase?

What kind of question is that? God created science because it’s awesome. Then he was all like “YOLO!” Idiot.

So would YOLO not exist if you believe in life after death? Also, say hypothetically if you were reincarnated what would you want to come back as?

Oooh, good question. I believe in YOLO. There’s something after death, but not life as we know it. If I could come back as something else and still knew about my previous life as Corbone Clement, I’d probably want to be an extraterrestrial in a society far more advanced than ours.

P. Erik Hoffman

Typical Corbin. You went to an all-boy catholic school, excelled academically at a party school of a college, and now just began graduate school for a masters degree… How do you balance snowboarding and education in your life?

Yeah, it was all boys, but you make it sound like a pedophile retreat camp. It was a great school, but I didn’t do too much snowboarding until college. I certainly graduated from CU with a triple major: Business Marketing, Drinking and Snowboarding. So, you know the movie Bowfinger? I am Eddy Murphy’s nerdy twin brother. He may have been a nerd, but he did some cool shit!

You were Saga’s first snowboarder, even got a monthly paycheck (technically making you pro?) This past season you received an email from your TM that you might be taken off the team page, and are no longer on the payroll… what keeps you loyal to the brand?

Being educated in business, I know how they need to work to keep things going. It was unfortunate they had to cut their budgets, but I’m certainly no longer their prize rider (haha, if I ever was). They’ve put some good dudes on the team (Dash Kamp, Jeremy Estorga, Brandon Reis…) I don’t even think the team page exists anymore. The guys at Saga are great and they love the snow! They also gave me my first shot at this. Nobody else has offered to take me on sled trips and let me borrow a brand new sled to rally for three days on my own. I have always been pumped on their gear and certainly back it. People might not like the colors or fit or whatever, but it’s not like they haven’t always had black and smaller sizes. Some people (some skiers especially) just like to look like idiots while riding, but that’s all in they eye of the beholder. Half the time they’re just 15-year-old kids and we all know kids they are idiots.

Alma ledge. P. Nathan Minatta

On swap days at Windells summer camp, why are you a better skier than most ski campers? Do you secretly ski when nobody is looking?

Oh shit! The cat’s out of the bag now!!! My life is over! I used to ski for a few seasons when I first moved to Colorado. I usually try to ski once a summer and once a winter these days, usually borrowing my brother’s skis. I’m not some ski Nazi, but I really do enjoy it. It’s different and it is a challenge. It takes you back to that novice level where you have to rethink everything you’re doing. However, I do have to say the boots still suck, poles suck and there is still too much heavy crap to carry.

At least Burton is 100% snowboarding. How did you get involved with Burton?

I’ve been so excited that Burton has been supporting me this last year. Couldn’t ask for a better company. A while ago, a friend set me up with the contact info for a Forum rep, Doug-e Fresh (the man! Good luck in Seattle), and I just started sending him my stuff. Eventually he was real pumped on it and took me under. Last year, Forum unfortunately had to be put down. Burton was run out of the same office and I knew their regional TM. He had joked a couple times about ditching Forum and riding for a real brand. When Forum died, I asked if he had room on his team. Fortunately, he said yeah.

Winter Park pipe blunt p.Cody Booth

We’ve seen lots of talented riders give into “the Man” and get 9-5’s. Where do you see yourself ending up now that you’re in grad school?

We all know the crummy truth of a necessity for money in life, and it’s very rare that snowboarding can pay the bills of an independent person while not living like a hobo. For some, that’s all they want, but I cant live paycheck to paycheck. Considering my loans for school, I’ll need a job to pay for them. By the time I graduate, I’ll be 27, so I’m certainly pushing the envelope of the pro snowboard age category. If that’s not going anywhere significant, I plan on using my degree to find a great job where I’m doing what I really wouldn’t mind doing. There’s no way I want to be a valet attendant for the rest of my life, though it’s a pretty chill gig for now. Also, I’m certainly not gonna answer to The Man, man.

Would you rather: Push mongo or make out with Michelle Zeller?

You can’t ask that! I probably shouldn’t say this either, but let’s clear the air here… Both happened a long time ago, but neither will ever happen again.

sesh 7 corbin
Seven. P. Erik Hoffman

Cookies vs. Ice Cream: who wins? (can’t have both)

Stupid question. Cookies-n-cream has both, Idiot. Oh man, I really want some ice cream right now…

How stoked are you on “Tinder?” Any ice cream dates yet?

Haha! Pretty excited to have it and enjoy the stuff you and Ian (Boll) have been talking about and so I can shove it in your faces when I get the hot match who didn’t right swipe you guys. No dates yet. Tinder is hilarious though. I like to ask girls the weirdest opening lines they’ve gotten. One was “If we were both dogs, I’d let you lick my butthole…”

I find it very odd you haven’t got any dates yet…

Yeah, no dates. I never really follow up after I ask how good their cookie baking is.

p. Jeff Brockmeyer

Ugh… So I didn’t want to, but people have asked me about this poop-jar rumor… haha please explain.

We’re just digging up some gems aren’t we? You and I had just moved to SLC a few winters back and as I recall it was my gift to your cooler when you embarked on a road trip after you punched me in the face. Too bad you discovered it before you hit the road and hid it under my pillow. It sat there undiscovered for two nights! Dammit! I then promptly stashed it in your closet with the lid off while you were gone.

As I recall, I came back and found it still jarred in my closet and then stashed it back under the far corner of your bed opened, until you eventually threw it out. Regardless, it was a shitty joke (pun intended?). Wasn’t that also the weekend when some girl you met online flew across the country to meet you for the first time and hang?

I think so, yeah. She only flew from Arizona and we had many mutual friends. She was also a total babe and a super cool chick. To be sure, I checked with my close friends who knew her well, so I knew I wasn’t going to get Catfished. I still talk to her all the time. This was long before the days of Tinder.

Corbin, Clement_jpeg_yobeat interview
Castle Rock kink rail p. Ryan Bregante


You know. That one indie movie where some dude talks to a chick he never met on Facebook and then the phone, they completely fall in love (before he even met the chick), and when he goes to meet her, she is some old, fat, hick lady. The dude was an idiot to not see the blatant details to show she wasn’t who she said she was.

Well luckily she was a babe and that she never found the jar under the pillow… FYI you also make it sound like I really socked you in the face… it was a 15% swing, lefty. After you shot a rubber band in my face when I asked you not to! You’re the jerk and a poop bandit to boot.

The rubber band was unintentionally in the face. Your punch wasn’t. Yes, I certainly am a poop bandit though… That was my signature move many times for the counselor’s cabins at Windells.

Are you going to go back for a 7th summer coaching at Windells next year? What’s in store for your snowboarding?

Tell Ol’ T-Dubbs to serve me some cookies-n-cream whenever I want and there is no way I wouldn’t come back. All I have my sights on is having fun by spreading the love of snowboarding and nerding-out with it. I like to learn and push myself everyday I ride, in or out of the parks/resorts. If I can do this as often as I can for the rest of my life, I’ll be pretty happy.

Baker Problems P. Cody Booth

What/Who inspires your riding?

I like to see anyone do something and make it look just completely under control, as in they can do whatever they want at any point in time. If it looks sick, I’m gonna try it too. However, I hate seeing people who do one thing very well but can’t do any of the basics that lead up to that trick. Back dub ten? Sick. Now show me you can do all four fives with 8 different grabs. Do a trick or line that you don’t see everyone do.

Sounds like healthy riding. So you’re for the Affordable Care Act then?

I’m not too opinionated on it. It just makes health care more expensive to those who actually pay all their bills. Nice to have my dependency under my parent’s plan extended though.

What about those in low-income brackets who cant afford health care, yet are those who need it most? Snowboarders, for example could fit in this area (as I’m currently shopping for health care).

I’d say that anybody who snowboards in the capacity we do without health insurance is begging to be in debt for the rest of his or her lives. The money people don’t spend on their own healthcare comes from someone else’s pocket, mine included. If people wanna have the NFG attitude, they should be consistent with it in every area of their life, including the way they take care of their health and the resentment of my opinions.

So you’re not a fan of the Act?

I’m not sure if there are enough details to know that I support it or not. But, Cody, I’m glad you’re smart enough to know you need health care.

I tend to think you’re on the conservative side of things; do you envy the no fucks given attitude of those liberal hippies you typically steer clear of?

Do they envy my non-complacent attitude? Probably to a degree – as I might envy the honey badger from time to time. I have a tough time categorizing myself as anything politically, but I’d say I’m somewhat moderate.

Did i do good? p. Cody Booth

Would you exercise your second amendment rights?

You bet. If I had a practical use for owning a gun, I would definitely buy one and be pissed if I couldn’t.

What are you thankful for?

Thanks for asking this question. I’m thankful for so much, but it’s easy to take too many things for granted. I’m thankful for my heath and my body. I’m thankful for the many, many friends I have. I’m thankful for my family and that we get along so well. I’m thankful for my education. I’m thankful for my values of things other than money and career. I’m thankful for my dad buying me my first snowboard and taking me to the mountains. I’m thankful I get to live near/in the mountains. I’m thankful I get to snowboard more than all those nerds stuck on the highway commuting to and from a city 5 times a week.

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  1. basshole
    basshole says:

    “It just makes health care more expensive to those who actually pay all their bills”
    ah yes, the age-old selfish conservative point of view. you sound like a sharp kid in the rest of the interview, why don’t you bother to actually look into obamacare a little further? you clearly don’t know very much about it

  2. terry
    terry says:

    as if snowboarding wasn’t already enough of a prohibitively expensive sport for privileged people now we’re gonna require you to have health insurance, too. if you don’t have the cash for both then tough titties, buster, looks like you’re spending your winter sitting on the couch. on the bright side if you are ever in some sort of catastrophic medical emergency your cut-rate insurance will only leave you with massive debt as opposed to crippling “should I fake my own death and move to mexico” debt. oh, also, I hope you don’t have any sort of pre-existing condition based on the ever-sliding goalposts build by the insurance companies themselves. if you are one of those 50% of people then sorry bud, might as well just punch your own ticket now.

  3. terry
    terry says:

    you remind me of my dipshit former roommate who once told hondo and I that he didn’t support universal healthcare in the US because, and I am quoting verbatim here; “I don’t think any of my tax money should be going to pay for someone else’s insurance,” which is just like, an opinion, man. an extremely selfish and one-sided opinion almost exclusively bandied about by asshole but they’re entitled to it. the only problem here was that my dipshit former roommate had one (1) job where he paid taxes and it was working in the demo shop at camp for a summer. so take note uncle sam: not a single red cent of that $120 contributed to your coffers by my old roommate is to be used to help those degenerate good-for-nothing poors not die of preventable diseases. only use it for the public services that he utilizes. thanks.

  4. terry
    terry says:

    I’m writing paragraphs in yobeat comments advocating for universal healthcare by being a sarcastic dick. I probably should have stuck to the original plan and gone to college for computer networking instead of moving to mammoth. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU, KIDS.

  5. Metallica's Lead Singer
    Metallica's Lead Singer says:

    Oh Canada, how I envy your healthcare! This d-bag is on his parent’s plan (thank’s to obamacare!) and he’s talking shit about healthcare, which he knows nothing about. It’s actually going to make things cheaper in the long run.

    And we should all ask our Canadian, Australian, English, friends from Mexico and all the rest of Europe how they like their “free” healthcare.

    Remember kids – After WW2 most of the world got “enlightened” and started providing good free college education and healthcare to their citizens because it’s a fucking right.

    America? We just spent the money on the Military Industrial Complex.

  6. Cody B
    Cody B says:

    haha politics are sure to stir it up! Corbin and I
    sometimes share different opinions but we also respect each other (which I feel lots of people are forget how to do). Corbin is the man and a hardworking, genuine individual!

  7. ClemClan
    ClemClan says:

    “ah yes, the age-old selfish conservative point of view”

    is it not selfish for you to expect others to take care of your individual needs?

    and I thought hippies were supposed to be open minded.

  8. terry
    terry says:

    if you can’t distinguish between someone asking for a handout and someone advocating for the greater good of society through easily available and affordable (or free!) healthcare then you don’t really deserve a seat at the discussion table. unfortunately this is a distinction that is apparently too complex for a disappointingly large portion of the population.

  9. Stev the cat
    Stev the cat says:

    Yobomacare, the ACA really helps me out a lot I’m a 25 year old extreme snowboarding diabetic. On average I get 150 days a season shredding and on average before the ACA I was paying 1000+ bucks a month just to stay alive which eats up about 60% of my pay te rest goes to gas rent skating and snowboarding. It’s def a hobo lifestyle and I am a college graduate so I could make more cash if I didn’t shred so damn much, but you know what it’s the dream and I love every second of it, I’ll get a real job and quit shredding when my legs quit working

  10. yawn
    yawn says:

    terry you’re boring. if people thought they wanted to hear all your opinions and stories they’d go read your interview…

  11. Derp
    Derp says:

    Wow Terry and basshole how about you look into obamacare instead of attacking other people, maybe take a second to ask why the members of congress are exempt from the fees/being forced into it if its so good?

  12. Lol@probamacare
    [email protected] says:

    Everyone for obamacare seems to leave out the part where Obama changed the bill after it had been passed and signed, which is illegal.

    Fuck these retards corbin! They dont realize this is a scheme to fill insurance companies pockets and not help our citizens, which is easily seen from the glaring differences between obamacare and the rest of the world’s versions of nationalized healthcare. You’re on your way to a masters while Terry is bumpin chairs, I’m sure he is very educated. I love the flame war started here. Go snowboarding!

  13. Farva
    Farva says:

    Feck the Democrats and feck the Republicans, you are all whining about the same corrupt politicians. While Im at it Feck Terry for being a dingleberry from my morning Poo – as much as I try to wipe the shit off my ass little pieces like you still manage to stick around and annoy the feck out of me… Move to Canada if its so glorious, the LAST thing I’m going to do is vote in favor of making an already big government BIGGER | Cheers to Corbin and Cody for making moves for the love of snowboarding, miss you turd burglars – See you boys when the flakes fly!

  14. ticklingYourMama
    ticklingYourMama says:

    I herd you and curry just lick each others’ buttholes instead of teaching the kids at windells

  15. corbINC.
    corbINC. says:

    “is it me or did everyone in that edit look exactly the same?”

    No, one if them was wearing one of “those helmets that Pat Milberry wears”, duh.

    What an IDIOT!

    Also in rebuttal, does no one know who Robjn Taylor is? Idiots….

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