Win: An Outerwear Kit from RipZone


Is your outerwear totally thrashed? The duct tape holding it together needs more duct tape to hold it together kinda thrashed and yet, you’re still planning on using it this year? Well good thing you have us! We’ve teamed up with Ripzone to give away a kit including the Hooligan jacket and Ultimate pant as well as mittens, a tee, a beanie and socks to the most deserving person. How will we know? Because you’re going to send us photos of your thrashed gear and we’ll pick the worst one.

To enter, email a low res image of your gear to [email protected], or post it to instagram with the hashtag #rpzngiveaway. Easy as that. The winner will be selected on Oct. 15, 2013.

What the fuck is RPZN? Check em out at


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