The 20 Hottest Babes in Snowboarding


When I was a sassy young 18-year-old, I interned at Snowboarder Magazine. One of my first assignments was to scribe a list of the 20 most attractive men in snowboarding, because as a girl, that’s all I cared about, right? We’ve come a long way since then, (women are respected as capable members of the community, right?) but that’s no reason that our new 18-year-old female intern shouldn’t update the list of “hunky huckers.” After all, most of the dudes on my list have kids and stuff now. Yuck. Take it away, Jodie. – BG

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1. Eero Niemela — He’s fucking hot, what more is there to say?

johnny paxon modeling

2. Johnnie Paxson — Paxson doesn’t just snowboard, he’s a model, idiot.  That’s some double trouble right there.


3. Stale Sandbech —How can you not love that baby face! I’m willing to bet Stale doesn’t just have triple corks on jumps, he’s got them in the bedroom too. Think about that one for a second, ladies. Plus, if you’re special enough (highly doubtful) he may just name his next new trick after you.

photo: Christy Challoux

4. Gus Engle — He’s a bit mysterious, this one, but nonetheless a fine piece o’ ass. He’ll serenade you and play five different instruments at once in a dimly-lit café in the hippest part of town.


5. Banks Gilberti — He’s like the George of the Jungle of snowboarding, even though he’s technically a skier…but he snowboards too, so it counts. Fuck, I’d  swing on his vine if I ever got the chance.



6. Alex Cato — His looks kill innocent puppies.72_DPI_Jed_Anderson_Sami_Tuoriniemi

photo: Sami Tuoriniemi/ Onboard

7. Jed Anderson — Getting’ bitches since the day he was born. Jed woos the ladies with his immense “board” control and charming good looks.



8. Curtis Woodman — Curtis is a true soul surfer. While looking into those big black orbs of eyeballs, you’ll no doubt get sucked right in to one of his cosmic adventures full of crashing waves and full moons.



9. Alex Cantin — The studliest of the studs, Alex Cantin’s eyes twinkle so bright he makes the sun look like some bum’s teeth that haven’t been brushed for four years.


photo: Erik Overson

10. Erik and Jon Overson – Can anyone say threesome?


photo: Facebook

11. Justin Fronius — And he’s from Minnesota, so you know he’s nice.



12. Jordan Mendenhall — For the hip girls out there, Jordan plays drums in a band with Will Tuddenham called Wildcat Strike. I hear he is pretty good with his drum stick(s) too, if you know what I mean.



13. Erik Leon — If Fabio snowboarded and was a million times cuter…that’s Erik Leon. So, really Fabio and Erik Leon aren’t anything alike, except their hair always looks good on a windy day.



14. Cale Zima — A nature boy, he likes swinging from trees and wielding axes. I’m sure he’d whittle you a pretty fine pleasure toy if you asked nicely.



15. Austin Leonard — A true ladies man. Leonard will catch you a trout with his bare hands straight Bear Grylls status and fry it up for you into a gourmet meal on your first date.



16. Ben Bilocq — When Ben Biloq looks at you with those dark, sultry eyes, I don’t know how you wouldn’t immediately cream your pants. Everyone loves a guy with a dark side. Plus, he’s homies with Satan, apparently. I’ll get down with that.



17. Desiree Melancon — Desiree rides harder than any girl, and even most boys, both on snow and in the bedroom, so she’s definitely one to watch out for. I’d hit that, and I’m not even a lesbian. Or am I?



18. Austin Hironaka — You know what they say about Asians.


19. Joe Sexton — Look at that hair billowing in the wind. Fuckin’ dreamy.


20. Forest Bailey – Think of all the mustache rides…

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  1. minnesotanice
    minnesotanice says:

    18. Austin Hironaka – You know what they say about Asians. no please tell us, nice racism.

  2. Hash Slinging Slasher
    Hash Slinging Slasher says:

    And I thought that article about stickers was bad… Holy shit, this is fucking awful

  3. cat jizz
    cat jizz says:

    yobeat really dropped the ball on this one, leaving out Brewster, best hair in snowboarding, Blake Paul, he’s a god damn holister model, and shane wright, whos nature skin color is that of honey. oh, and word on the street is that Alex cato is hung like a fucking greek god.

  4. Carley
    Carley says:

    Maybe 4 of these guys would be on my list. worst list ever. Only good part about it is desiree, duh.

  5. John
    John says:

    Some women deserve respect as capable members of the community. This post is proof, however, that being a woman is not a sufficient condition for deserving that respect.

  6. terry
    terry says:

    article was whatever but the true beauty of this is watching dipshits come out of the woodwork in the comments

    WOOFFF says:

    I’m a chick
    I’m confused. is this a joke????? like 2 of these guys are even ok looking. EWE!!!!
    srsly bitch you blind!!!!

  8. mushroom tip
    mushroom tip says:

    so basically yobeat allowed their inter to write an article about all the guys she wants to sleep with. reading an article about an 18 year olds wet dream is about as bad as reading any twilight book.

  9. Bruce
    Bruce says:

    This summer at high cascade Ben bilocq was watching the skate contest, alone, from the bushes behind govy general and if that’s not dreamy I don’t know what is.

  10. Jodie
    Jodie says:

    Some people have different taste in guys. Sorry I don’t like typical hunky pieces of meat like you basic bitches. That shit is generic and boring. You’re free to make your own list of generically attractive dudes if you want. There’s no one stopping you.

  11. WILL-DO
    WILL-DO says:

    List of top 20 most attractive riders…
    1.Kevin Backstorm
    2.Tor Lundstrom
    3.Len Jorgensen
    4.Stale Sandbech
    5.Scott Stevens
    6.Forest Bailey
    7.Griffin Siebert
    8.Alex Tank
    9.Gigi Ruff
    10.Iouri Podlatchikov
    11.Zander Blackmon
    12.Cale Zima
    13.Austen Sweetin
    14.Spencer Schubert
    15.Max Parrot
    16.Brandon Hobush
    17.Scotty Vine
    18.Nick Visconti
    19. Johnnie Paxson
    20.Alyona Alekhina- for a girl rider

  12. HAters
    HAters says:

    Damn, if this was a list of hot women in snowboarding nobody would give a shit. Even if they were mediocre choices, this just proves our sexist society. You dudes suck. Maybe when you’re all a little older you can mellow out and see the world from both sides. By the way Cale Zima always reminded me of a young Les Claypool.

  13. Donny stretch nutz
    Donny stretch nutz says:

    Why isn’t danimals on this list? He’s like that red headed stepchild that you do want.

  14. El Man Taco
    El Man Taco says:

    Got high and almost got about halfway through the list before I realized this was the hottest guys in snowboarding.

  15. Tony Danza
    Tony Danza says:

    The comment section here is fucking gold. please make a dramatically read comments from this Yobeat.

  16. U Blind
    U Blind says:

    bitch, who makes a hot list and leaves out Shane Wright? This whole article is completely irrelevant without mentioning that chiseled bastard.

  17. Ron The Park Lady
    Ron The Park Lady says:

    NOPE this list fails. Are all these dudes dope-ass shredders? YES. Are they hot? HELL NA. You nailed it with Eero Niemela and StÃ¥le Sandbech, but that’s about it. Where’s Iikka Backstrom, Ryan Tiene, the McMorrises, Scotty Lago, Eero Ettala??? And if you’re throwing in skiers, why not Bobby Brown?


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