Liberty Mountain Snowflex’s Trails to Rails

From the desk of Liberty Mountain Snowflex:

Every Fall we train a group of students from our university who have never snowboarded before and we have them compete in their very own competition. In short, we train them at an accelerated pace for competition. The results are never short of amazing, the students who two months ago were putting their bindings on backwards can now frontside 270 onto a single barrel rail. I know the stigma that the industry has about Snowflex, I’ve heard that it has aids, and that we are all crazy Christians down here in Central Virginia. I ask that you look past that and consider what we are doing here. We are training 10 students to snowboard at a pace that will guarantee that they be hooked on the sport for the rest of their lives. This has happened in the previous years, many of whom continued to train and now compete at the highest level of competition we have. Consider that these 10 from this year do the same, what impact does this have on the industry over the continuation of their life?

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    OMG competitions competitions competitions!!! Snowboarding is hip now! Go back to organizing team sports you kooks

  2. Justin's bong
    Justin's bong says:

    Who the fuck decided that was fair? Girls have barely learned to ride park over 20 years, how will one chick learn to ride in 5 weeks ?

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