Forum Lives in Europe?

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A few people have alerted us to the plethora of Forum gear for sale over on Blue Tomato. Either they’re really excited they can still get their favorite brand or they just wanted us to shit on Burton. Anyway, we decided against the latter and went with some of that research stuff to figure out if the a time warp between us an Europe was indeed real. What we found is well, what we expected. Forum is not alive and well in Europe, it seems Blue Tomato is selling off some of the stuff had already been get made for 2014. Factory samples, which would explain the limited range of sizes. Anyway, this stuff has “collectors edition” written all over it, so if you’re super wealthy, could be cool to figure out how to buy it.


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  1. Jim Lahey
    Jim Lahey says:

    It’s still a shame they went under, such a good team and the destroyers were such awesome boards to ride.

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