The Limited Yobeat x Sean Genovese Shirt


In honor of his recent Hump Day, Sean Genovese made a real live Wandering Murderer of Future Dead drawing. And in honor of Sean being rad and the drawing being amazing, we made a shirt. Now you can get one, either as a Tee or a baseball shirt for a limited time only, while they last, blah blah. Don’t sleep, as these will not last.



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  1. yobeat kid
    yobeat kid says:

    Whenever I wore my yobeat apparel, my friends would make fun of me by saying yobeat-off. Now I can proudly convey yobeat-off with flying colors.

  2. terry
    terry says:

    this is similar to neckface in the way that neckface was similar to what every metal/punk kid in the 90s drew in their notebooks during class.

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