Bakoda founder on Canada’s Shark Tank

Here’s a story that you would normally never associate with snowboarding if it weren’t for old dudes hanging around running their mouths. It’s a fun yarn of a tale, told more eloquently by WWD at the TackledBox.

Kevin Royes, the dude that started Bakoda “making the dope shit” way back when, is now the roving reporter for Canada’s version of Shark Tank, called the Dragons Den.  Kev got the job after pitching his new tool, the Kelvin.23 to the sharks.  Stoked for ya Kevin.  You’ve come a long way from the days you developed an back country shovel that you could smoke weed out of and called it a “Sovel.”  That’s why it’s called dope.

Congrats, dude! And hey, we use your tool all the time.

via The Tackled Box

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  1. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    Thanks for the “high” 5’s (that could be translated as 5 ways to get high… Jimmy Driver, McIver Driver, Herbalizer, Sovel… and a snowball).

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