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A recently had a huge eBay come up in the form of Snowboard Monopoly- a real thing that has existed since 2004. You should know, I love Monopoly and am using this review merely as an excuse to write the purchase off my taxes. That said, I did not take this mission lightly and played an entire game of Snowboard Monopoly, start to finish. Let the record state — I beat Stan when he foolishly spent all his money putting a Gondola (aka Hotel) on Breckenridge and then landed on Vail (mine) with two lifts (houses) before I even hit that side of the board. Idiot.


A glove, goggles, a helmet, a tool, a snowboarder and a DC boot â„¢

So what makes up this limited edition version of Snowboard Monopoly? Instead of states/streets the properties are all ski resorts, obviously. The valuation is funny – you’re slumming it at Angelfire, NM and Brighton, while Park Place and Broadway are replaced with Mammoth and Whistler/Blackcomb. There are a few randomly out of order — it’s way cheaper to go to Vail than Mt. Snow, for example but overall, the groupings are pretty on point if you consider lift ticket price/perceived expense.

Instead of railroads you have brands — Quiksilver, DC, Ride and Oakley — an interesting assortment even for 2004. As a snowboarder, you may take issue to buying Oakley in this day in age, but I assure you, it’s a good investment. Instead of the utilities you have the media — Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboarder, which Stan and I each bought one of to keep the media in competition. The media gets a little more love too, for example one of the chance cards (relabeled Terrain Park and Halfpipe) gives you some cash for being named Transworld Rider of the year.


The chance cards are by far the best part of the user experience. For example, I learned that a triple backflip is only worth $45, while a FS 900 will score you triple digits. Even the makers of the game knew spinning is clearly harder than flipping. You can also make money “signing autographs at a boardercross race” or “impressing bettys with your boned out chicken salad grabs” (though technically a roast beef.) While there’s some element of sounding like they just randomly grabbed words out of a “snowboard dictionary,” it’s actually relevant enough to be amusing, particularly 10 years later. This version of the game was actually developed by USAoPoloy, and VP Maggie Matthews explains, “We are only 6 hours from Mammoth Mountain and have some boarders on staff — so all the card content was written internally!” Obviously.

I know this: If I ever stayed at a condo on a ski trip that had Snowboard Monopoly I would be stoked. I’m not even just talking ski cabins without wi-fi, I portend this game is awesome even with a more modern option available. With the exception of having to count, the hard copy really is better, and this one is especially amusing.


Resorts from Cheapest to Most Expensive: Angel Fire, Brighton, Mt. Baker, Bear Mountain, Stratton, Steamboat, Northstar at Tahoe, The Canyons, Snowbird, Aspen/Snowmass, Timberline, Telluride, Park City, Heavenly, Kirkwood, Okemo, Vail Copper Mountain, Mt. Snow, Breckenridge, Mammoth and the Boardwalk of snowboarding… Whistler Blackcomb,

Brands: Quiksilver, Oakley, DC and Ride Snowboards

Media: Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboarder Magazine.

Watch out: you can “hit a kink” and pay taxes (something that’s typically hard for pro snowboarders) or you have to buy a lift ticket for $75. I firmly believe their should be some sort of season pass option.

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