The People’s Court: Evan Erickson vs. Avery Erickson



It’s no doubt the midwest has strong family values. Well what happens when you pit two brothers against each other for a chance at internet glory?

Evan Erickson


Avery Erickson

The People’s Court is a weekly competition and is open to any amateur snowboarder. You may be sponsored to play, just not paid, son. The winner of this week’s battle will receive a pair of goggles from Arnette Eyewear. Starting Oct 3 and through the entire month of October winners will receive a pair of bindings from Flux! Submit your edit now, email the link to [email protected]

  • minnesotanice

    can I have my 7 minutes back? that was the worst music ever pretty much.

  • Jeenyus

    I feel like i just watched the same thing over and over and over…

  • c-bone

    Evan quit doing flips off of things and you might be good. those are party tricks and something you want to put in every other shot. you suck!

  • Buck hill kid

    Leif Ericson get my vote for sure

  • lewded

    overdone front flips or zeached back lips

  • Justin’s bong

    I’d be surprised if anyone at yobeat actually knew who Leif Ericson was

  • trashmouth

    after this garbage, i can’t wait for early season edits. this is the best yobeat can come up with late september?

  • Lil ‘Bud’dha

    Can we make a rule where you can’t put the same trick in a edit more than like twice or something?

    I never want to see a frontflip ever again.

  • will swag smith

    my retarded gay cousin could ride circles around these little twats

  • Christian

    You both have decent tricks but you both over did each one a ton. And all the flips lost my vote on both videos. Q

  • Christian

    You both have decent tricks but you both over did each one a ton. And all the flips lost my vote on both videos. Quit being crowd pleasers

  • Not chyll bubbler

    Just what snowboarding needs more jaeger bailey’s……no.

  • dniemi

    theirs cannonsburg for you, alot of kids with tricks yet over use flips. cut out all your shots that are the same trick ”which is like 80% of them” and make it a mini edit.. i love you Michigan but im glad i got out and moved to Washington before it became a fairy flip fest, what happened to riders with a big bag of tricks, style, and originality? props to the burg’s park manger and crew for getting a sick park into Michigan after bittersweet went to shit.

  • somechickrider

    please no more front flips…

  • Brandon

    @dniemi these kids ride pando and pando is so much more fun than cannonsburg.

  • Evan Erickson

    I over did it on the frontflips in the edit, I admit it, but thanks everyone for the hate!

  • getreal

    Pando isnt fun. just a bunch of shitty rusty rails and they cant build takeoffs or even build a fucking rail. Place sucks ass

  • dniemi

    @brandon my buddy andy runs pando’s park, when he came back to the mitten last year he steped it up, i know how much fun pando is. love that back yard setup feel.. and its only gonna get better. same with mt. brighton their gonna blow up these next few years .what im saying is, in general all i see is front flips and the same tricks from michigans younger riders, mostly from cannonsburg, thats what im getting at.. learn more tricks, do less flips, and be more original..

  • Brad

    Evan’s video is so sweet, he is so talented! Stop hating please

  • Brandon

    @dniemi Yeah i work with Andy im on his park crew. And i see what you’re saying haha.

  • J

    @getreal Well, we know you’re from “The Burg”. Most likely one of the assholes named Trent, Sam, or Harrison. First of all, if you actually rode at Pando once you would find it fun. You’re probably just sad because you cant get onto the rails. We don’t build the jump as high as the fucking rail. We can build better jumps also. Big enough so that the gapers can’t ride over the lip and ruin them. Cannonsburgs jump sent you probably 5 feet into the fucking air. Cannonsburg spends all this money on their parks and still can’t seem to make them good. You guys probably spend half of your money on butter boxes. Also we don’t call your rails(which arent actually rails, more like tubes) handrails. Good luck on trying to copy Seven Springs this year with your city park. So many people have came out of Pando and it just has a way better vibe.

  • @Brad from Doug Fagel

    Hey Brad why don’t you take Evan’s balls out of your mouth we can’t hear you.

  • stop

    Why does it matter? If you like pando… ride there. Hating on cannonsburg for creating a product is foolish and debating which is better is purely personal preference. Or all of you assholes can stop creating this stupid vibe and have fun snowboarding whether it be at Pando or cannonsburg. I have my opinions on where you’ll find better vibes from personal experience, but who cares? J you sound like a pretentious tool. Stop

  • Biggie Biggs

    Voted Avery for ***way*** better song selection and fewer pitch-flips. Toss up though; considered Leif since he’s OG viking.
    P.S. brag-rap is ghey.

  • Jake Carpenter

    Is that Doug Fagel from AASI?
    Shut up FAGGEL.!

  • Please no swivels, either. And when there’s fresh snow on the ground, try not hitting the rails and go take some turns.

  • kyle

    All of these little faggets are just hatin cause they aren’t half as good as them and they’ll never be good enough to get put on yobeat.

  • Leif Ericson

    Where did my ancestors go so wrong?

  • President Black obama

    yo i thought the flips were swag and the clothing even swagger. and evan! way to pick a british rapper for your song! totally not gay bro, totally not gay!

  • Sophiticated 6th grader

    Avery’s backlips are proper as fuck.

  • circumsizer69

    Evan Ericson should not put a front flip every couple tricks in his next edit it’s fucking annoying.

  • Nipple Hater

    1st guy hit my maximum front flip limit of 2 very early on giving it to the 2nd guy by default.

  • Brandon

    You cant hate on avery. Hes only 13. really fucking good for his age.

  • Brandon

    You cant hate on avery. He is only 13. really fucking good for his age.

  • @Evan Erickson

    dude no worries. everyone on yobeat gets hate in peoples court. just try and take it as constructive criticism thats what i did

  • Austin

    Gotta love the Yo Beat haters. Most of you probably don’t even ride, and if you do you are obviously riding for the wrong reasons. Kooks.

  • Shaun White

    where were the boot grabs

  • #

    bs over willy

  • Pandocommandon’t

    Holy fuck those were terrible.

  • dildobaggins

    I would rather listen to fucking bruno mars on repeat for a year straight then have to watch either of thess edits ever again.

  • 2nd kid will be outrageously good in a few years and i dug the first kids edit.if my front flips were that good i would be running that trick into the ground as for the hate most dudes that comment on yobeat probably cant do them,too much time spent choosing the perfect hat/facemask/sunglasses combo not enough time actually shredding.all in all obviously the first kid wins and i implore yobeat to stop with the poorly balanced match ups they choose in order to have some kind of theme.

  • Jack Attack

    Yobeat for the love of god please take these down. No one in the world should be punished so bad that they have to sit through both of these. I get that they are just kids and all but the hate is definitely needed on these edits. soooo baddddd

  • Bad

    sooooo many zeaches sooooo many swivels. if pando is so good then why does everyone that rides there suck so bad?

  • Proud Burg Boy

    @J yo man, how bout you take your shitty riding, and you shity comments, and shove them up your ass. 🙂 thanks

  • T.A.J. Da Truth

    these lil niggas sucked! dey done sucked vein popping dick! Zeachin’ out the gym!

  • Evan Erickson

    You don’t like the song? Don’t like the frontflips?

    Here watch this one:

  • You don’t like the song? Don’t like the frontflips? Don’t like how long it is?

    Here watch this one.

  • Bob Evans

    Wow, this is “the” worst” people’s court…

  • B

    Kyle caswell(from pando) is better than anyone at cannonsburg.

  • j

    @Proud Burg Faget How about you guys shove your never summers up your asses. and your shitty style

  • Matt Keller

    peoples court really pisses me off shit filming and shit tricks it really yanks my noodle like come on lets get a decent fimer and camera.

  • @B

    @B hahahahahahahahahahaha your kidding right? the only thing that kid is good at is throwing temper tantrums

  • elmcreekhatesyou

    so i guess front flipping and zeaching is the new thing now i guess

  • Steely

    Both these kids are way talented, especially given there age, so hope off

  • High Five Command

    Snowboarding Guilty Pleasures: flips, rap music, swivels, and at least one tindy.

    It’s okay to like it…you’re anonymous.

  • steve the cat

    New rule, you can only use 1 trick in your edit once, Idc if you 5050 front 3, but then you take it up a level and do it on a rail 3 inches higher, don’t get me wrong its some next level shit, but only use 1 trick 1 time and get gain some versatility

  • So, a little sadistic, its cool they dont know what it means being 12 years old. I was looking for the two worst snowboarding videos in the history of history and I found them. This made me want to be put inside an oven. I stopped halfway through each, because if youve seen a minute of one; youve seen the whole thing. They both have about 3 tricks in their sleeves, should be pro status right there.

  • Mrs. Erickson

    defs nice work everyone on chewing two 14 year olds out who ride better than 99% of all the haters here.
    way to go yobeat.

  • ThatDude

    I remember when flips were cool

  • wassup

    Only Leif Erickson actually deserves dem Flux Bindings.

  • kalibud420shredxxx x

    so you guys gonna fight or what?