Because DVD is NOT DEAD (depending on who you ask) the Gentleman of SEGCOS are doing an online tease, but one day this will disappear and you’ll have to track down a DVD to enjoy. What we’re saying is, press play now! Don’t wait.

ps. This movie is fun to watch. Enjoy.

Featuring: Jamie Orkin & Erik Overson & Jordan Small & Richie Conklin & Dan Wells & Tucker Brown & Sean Whitaker & Ryan Lanham & Jon Overson & Jeff Holce & Alex Cato &&&&&&&& so many more!!!

Edit: Andrew Nagel

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  1. well
    well says:

    These guys are all my friends but making a DVD doesn’t really make sense for this movie and then no one can watch all these great snowboarding moves

  2. yobeater
    yobeater says:

    Now this is a movie! None of that powder snowboarding stuff! Just good ol fashion suburban rich kids flailing their arms to some hip hop. Nothing better than that.

  3. Lil 'Bud'dha
    Lil 'Bud'dha says:

    Holy shit i was expecting an average movie, but this shit was next fucking level, so many tech bangers.

    Fucking great work guys. Id for sure pay for this on DVD.

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