Jamie Nicholls Likes Girl Music


Man, Jamie Nicholls is good at snowboarding, especially for someone who learned on dry slope. But this song, well, you might just want to mute it.

  • Justin’s bong

    Let’s rip on Jamie Nichols edit when every edit yobeat posts of actual snowboarding sucks! (Except for last day on hill)

  • rosa parks


  • seymourkid

    this part should’ve been filmed entirely on the streets of england

  • @seymourkid

    ha we get like 3 days of snow a year MAX.

  • therealrickross

    doots got moves

  • seymourkid

    well then get yourself some lights and some heavy stimulants and get to work bud, clocks ticking.

  • EAST

    kid fuckin rips. although I would’ve been more hyped on the part the song wasn’t something out of the titanic

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    Sick boarding, but pretty uninspiring edit.

  • WWD

    That’s how Monday started. It’s gonna be a good week.
    I think that this is the dude that was carpet boarding years back in 91 Words for Snow.