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It’s seems almost daily we receive a request to promote someone’s dreams via crowd sourcing. People have all sorts of hair-brained schemes for products that make little sense, have nothing unique to offer, or otherwise just don’t matter to anyone but their purveyors. We do our best to ignore most of them, because it will only encourage more, right? It’s not that we hate people’s dreams, it’s that we just. don’t. care.

But then we said, wait a minute! Why don’t we start our own Kickstarter!? We’ve got a working prototype of a brilliant product (the Bouncy Board) and we’ll waste other people’s money trying to make it a reality. So here’s our pitch:

Snowboarding is in peril. Shops are closing, kids are skiing, DVD’s aren’t selling,  and the world as we know it is at odds. This is why we need the Bouncy Board, the exciting new innovation which will breath life back into snowboarding by making it harder, weirder and more exciting!  With your help and a small donation, we will be able to take the Bouncy Board, from prototype to new winter sport craze, building an entire industry around this exciting new winter activity.

We have been working on the Bouncy Board for years, and are finally at a stage to bring it to market. Who are we? We are winter-sports enthusiasts, bloggers and long-time snowboarders (ok, Jared actually is a BMXer) and with our plethora of information and business knowledge, we feel this new on-snow experience is exactly what the winter sports world craves.

So far we have tested our prototype on location at Mt. Bachelor OR and Mt. Hood, with real snowboarders and here’s what the people are saying:

“This thing sucks,” Notorious hater Brendon Rego.

“Cool,” Yawgoon Dylan Gamache.

“I think this is definitely gonna be a sport, the best sport ever,” Windells coach and badass snowboard babe Stephanie Sue Feld.

It’s pretty clear the bouncy board will be a hit, and its introduction to winter sports will open up all sorts new of revenue streams, in addition to supporting existing shops, outerwear brands, goggle, gloves, boot and even board manufacturers. We’ve decided not to patent it because we hope to build a bustling industry with much opportunity. Because of it’s general awesomeness and difficulty, board makers will be able to immediately add a bouncy board to their line without fear of longboard-style blow back. We’re also in discussions to make bouncy-boarding an Olympic sport.

But all of this needs start up capital, and this is where you come in. For a small donation, which we’ve matched with exciting incentives, such as a bouncy board of your own, you can help start a revolution. Please watch the video for proof of awesomeness and then help us out however you can! Bouncy Boarding is the future of snow sports.

We’re convinced. We know you’re convinced and looking for the link to donate. Alas.

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Can you believe it!? It turns out maybe not just any idiot can start a crowd sourcing campaign, although we’re yet to try or

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  1. tj
    tj says:

    I am now selling free advice and will be donating negative 10% percent of all proceeds to the bouncy board.
    WARNING: not all advice is constructive.

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