Chris Grenier’s Pull Fart


Go Pats!

Cameos: Timmy Ronan, Frank April, Chris Carr

Song: “Dark Allies” by Light Asylum

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  1. Steve the cat
    Steve the cat says:

    I love grendys don’t get t twisted and I enjoyed watching this part. But I’m really starting to feel like once you go pro, pros loose the hunger and quit pushing the progression as much. His switch back lip thru the dfd was sick but he’s switch back lipped bigger kinks before, idk what I’m really trying to say I think there are some unsponsored hungrier Ams out there that could have done better. Keep Havin fun tho grendys

  2. frontside zeach
    frontside zeach says:

    @steve the cat: yeah there are ams that could of pulled of a gnarlier switch back lip through a crazier kink, but there is something grenier has over any am is his style that he is known for, its different than just trying super technical next level tricks. grenier or other pros alike go out and make things look flawless

  3. Timwindells'ballsack
    Timwindells'ballsack says:

    Grenier’s style makes this shit look easy. No AM is putting out a part this good. Maybe someone from Dope, maybe.

  4. DSMbryo
    DSMbryo says:

    Why wasn’t this in a videograss movie? Not feeling the online-only single-part trend. I want a hard copy of this, preferably re-edited to some trap music. Grendys riding to Get Buck was the fucking best.

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