Ground Control: Opening Montage


Bald Egal is releasing sections from it’s new flick, Ground Control, every monday and would be hyped if we’d post. Since we’re hyped on those guys and want them to be hyped, we’re posting it. Duh.

“Featuring: Shane Ruprecht, Krister Ralles, Dan Brisse, Randy Vannurden, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Peter Limberg, Ryan Barker & pals | Music: Sponsors: Volcom, Union, The Youth Shelter Supply, The Interior Plain Project, Thirty Two, Signal, Remind, Neff, Nike, House of 1817, GoPro, DC, Crab Grab, Coal, Celtek, Capita, Burton Executive Producer: Mike Thienes & Mike Pettit | Producer: Mike Thienes | Editor: Jake Durham | Motion Graphics: Brian Dow | Cover Art: Pat Jensen | Principle Videography: Derek Combs, Sam Jorgensen, Dan Tyler | Additional Videography: Justin Turkowski, Tyler Malay, Jake Durham, Tyler Hitchcock, Gary Milton, Jon Otte, Eric Schleicher, Shane Grimes, Mike Thienes, Sean Lucey, Mark Dangler, Shane Charlebois, Danny Kern, Rob Balding, Colton Feldman, Skylar Brent, Bjorn Leines, Colin Droster, Cole Taylor, Jon Ray, Riley Erickson, Sam Fenton, Brett Spur, Jon Stark, Dylan Wicklund | Photos: Andy Wright, E-Stone, Jens Heig, Darin Black, Bob Plum, Joel Fraser, Mike McVackey, Jonas Michilot, Patrick Raitor, Ryan Taylor

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